Screencast Contenteditable and Web Storage HTML/CSS

  • Michał Belka
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  1. gvalergas said

    Awesome video, nice overview of the two features!

  2. Luis Castro said

    Well this is great, thanks for the overview!

  3. Megan Prior-Pfeifer said

    Thanks! The sound quality made it hard to understand, but a cool feature worth exploring.

  4. SethG said

    That was nice. I've been using contentEditable to provide inline customer translations as well as, lightweight HTMLee textarea (with an icon in top-right to switch to full tinyMCE kind of editor). :-)

  5. said

    Thanks. How to add this with rails app

About This Screencast

Contenteditable is a powerful HTML5 tool that can be used to turn any HTML element into an editable element, live in the browser, with just a simple attribute.

In this screencast, guest screencaster Michał Belka will show you how to enable contenteditable and hook it up with both local and session Web Storage APIs to save edits after they've been made.

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