Screencast Convert a JavaScript SQL App to MongoDB Database

  • Joel Taylor


  1. FaberRos said

    I have more problem to start project :'(

  2. eichgi said

    I always have problems with the videos, also there's no button for switch the resolution of the video.. :/

  3. Gregory Benner said

    Glitchy player and trying to download the video results in console error: about:blank:1 Refused to display '…RD7ufbBnLSiPbAf2C_loI7zhCMf2Hobt-JBw3EtVgwkmnFZyAqpm0V2E-yjimTgtyVs5pWX_RB' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'.

  4. 居正中 Alan Jui said

    There are two important points to setup source code of project:

    (1) Install and run redis-server

    (2) Create and setup for GitHub Application

    Here is my setup procedures for your reference:

  5. Citizen-1701 said

    Is that a special iTerm2 plugin to get that JavaScript editor to show up this way?

  6. Citizen-1701 said

    Does anyone know which iTerm2 theme and font the author uses in this screencast demo? Thanks in advance!

  7. Faculty

    Joel Taylor said

    @odegnan10 - I use Vim with the smyck theme

  8. Citizen-1701 said

    Fantastic! Thanks Joel!

  9. Stephen Shook said

    I have mixed feelings about this Soup to Bits. I think looking at the code will make a lot of this clearer. After doing the Marvels of MangoDB I wanted a concrete example. The big take away I got from this is that a Drivers vary wildly and that all I got from the course is the reference implementation. Which is fine, just good to know then. I was hoping that I actually see this being tied into the page itself or something back end. That was all abstracted away in that call back function that I don't remember looking back into. Something that being able to look at the code when available would alleviate. In general good jump. Though part of me is still screaming that some semicolons where missed.

  10. Iain Simmons said

    Can I suggest that you include the 'starting' code in the GitHub repo as a different branch? So, all the code with the PostgreSQL stuff commented out, but without the MongoDB stuff you added. That way we could follow along and build it out, but still wouldn't have to get all the other code manually.

  11. eightoeight said

    Hi Joel, how do you get that tab styles in iTerm2? I am only between the the default ones (Metal, Acqua...). Do you use an additional plugin?

  12. mestevens said

    In the resources, the link to the GitHub repo should point at

  13. fadiabomsalam said

    very bad i couldn't start the skeleton project i have so many errors i couldn't try the code one of the worst soups to bits ever !! i wish it is revisited i have spend 4 hours and managed to start the server then it give me error on localhost:3000 saying a req.session is required!

  14. jagadeshg said

    thanks Alan Jui , your video was very helpful.

About This Screencast

In this episode, Joel Taylor and Dan Bickford will take what you learned in The Magical Marvels of MongoDB course and apply it to a real-world scenario. We will be rewriting, an Express.js application, to use the Node.js driver for MongoDB instead of SQL.

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