Screencast CSS Position HTML/CSS

  • guyroutledge
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  1. Ser158 said

    Thanks for the video! great work.

  2. manojgahlawat said

    Thank you, it was refreshing :-) Can you please let me know what text editor you are using, checking windows side by side is big deal. :-)

  3. Faculty

    guyroutledge said

    The code editor I use in the videos is Sublime Text 2 with two vertical split windows (keyboard shortcut cmd+alt+shift+2). I move it to the right half of my screen and have the browser (chrome) open on half of the left side of the screen. Using the Livereload plugin for Sublime, CSS changes are injected into the browser automatically.

  4. Fabio Bracht said

    I had so much problem with this. I never knew the absolute positioning was only any good if the parent container was set to relative. Thanks!

  5. cetrix13 said

    Thank you!

  6. Robert Nellums said

    Thanks for the video! I've always struggled with the position issue and kind of let the cards fall as they may.

    Thanks for the Livereload tip, too. I'm a Sublime Text user as well and this is my first time learning of it. Thanks!

  7. absattar said


  8. Kathleen Shire said

    Thank you for a refreshingly simple explanation of position relative and absolute! I have watched other tutorials, but their explanations get filled up with more descriptions and examples about moving values and dilutes the focus on the actual terms.

  9. Yang Wang said

    It is very clear for me now. thanks!

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