Screencast Delayed Job Ruby

  • Aimee Booth
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  1. Hugo Freitas said

    Very usefull gem! Thanks Aimee

  2. Jonathan Ruiz said

    Awesome screencast Aimee, thanks!

  3. Tim Knight said

    Awesome job! I've been wanting to dig more into delayed_job and this was great. And anyone that adds a Finding Forrester reference to a screencast is okay in my book.

  4. bobtoner said

    Very enjoyable screencast. Easy to follow along, great job!

  5. Arthur Barros said

    Thanks Aimee

  6. Rafael Lima said

    Really great. Congrats!

  7. foohey said

    Thanks, but since Sidekiq, I think Delayed_job is a little outdated

  8. jacob said

    @fooheyy Sidekiq is more similar to Resque than DelayedJob. I would say Resque vs DelayedJob is just as applicable to Sidekiq vs DelayedJob.

    So, I wouldn't say Sidekiq makes DelayedJob outdated, but you could very well make the argument that Sidekiq makes Resque outdated.

  9. Ben Davies said

    Thanks Aimee, good screencast.

  10. Louis said

    Thanks for the screencast, I was left wondering though how you'd normally go about running the jobs - I mean what's the point in setting a job to run one minute from now if you go and do it manually anyway?

  11. Faculty

    Aimee Booth said

    Hi Louis! For the screencast, I fired off rake jobs:work manually, but in a real situation, you could fire off that rake task using an automated script, or if you're using Heroku, you could use a service like Heroku Scheduler to run it.

  12. senhordim said

    Thanks Aimee, good screencast.

  13. shahrzad1200 said

    great video, Thanks!

About This Screencast

This introductory screencast describes how to use the Delayed Job gem for executing long-running tasks in the background of a Rails application. Starting with building a simple app that sends a mailer, we demonstrate sending the mailer manually, and then we refactor it to be fired off as a delayed job.

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