Screencast Flexible Angular Directives JavaScript

  • johnlindquist
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  1. Jesus David Zapata Betancourth said

    Amazing! that level of flexibility is epic. Great screencast; I hope to see more of this in a near future.

  2. Marcel Härle said

    Amazing screencast and author. Perfectly explained! Please provide more of this kind of content at codeschool!

  3. Arthur Maltson said

    Fantastic! Super in depth and great explanations. Thank you!

  4. Abdullah Jibaly said


  5. eggheadio said

    @ABDULLAH I have >100 videos on Angular over at . - John

  6. Abdullah Jibaly said

    Thanks @EGGHEADIO. I didn't understand why your tabgroup controller defined addTab on this but defined select on $scope. What's the difference?

  7. achkar said


  8. gnowakow said

    I cannot use more than one tabgroup. When I add a new one, it will overwrite the previous one ;(

  9. gnowakow said

    Correction for my previous statement - we can use more than one tabgroup if in the tabgroup controller we will add scope: {}

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