Screencast Reusable Angular Directives JavaScript

  • johnlindquist
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  1. TheJason said

    Mind = Blown

  2. Kevin Lozandier said

    Yet another brilliantly made screencast by John Lindquist. This was an awesome guest screencast.

  3. Angel Huaman Rojas said

    How can do API for a app multitenant with postgres?

  4. Sirch Leumas said

    Well explained I almost forgot that the scope feature was not use at all in the codeschool course.

  5. yanikjay said

    This explanation of making directives more modular was crystal clear. Loved it.

  6. Davy Rori said

    Well explained! Thank you.

  7. Martin Pultz said

    Brilliant explanation! Thanks.

  8. kommujaxill-6169 said

    But why use '=' aka two ways data-binding approach? Simply enough to use '@' to interpolate binding value as 'string.'

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