Screencast Feature Branches & Pull Requests Git

  • Josh Van Cleef
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  1. Sasha Malahov said

    Very nice, thanks

  2. thiagocifani said

    Thanks man! This screencast helps me a lot to understand the concepts and the usage of pull requests on github! I will try it on my team asap. Congratulations. Keep the good work.

  3. Eduardo Pinho said

    Good screencast :)

  4. 42 Dev Team said

    The perfect balance of simplicity and usefulness! We're about to implement some git processes team wide in my shop and feature branches play a starring role. I never even thought (or knew much) about pull requests. Thanks!

  5. Stan Carver said

    Great lightning talk on the subject and good visuals.

  6. Mark said


  7. Borja Martín Fernández said

    Great screencast. Simple and fast. I would vote +1 for a continuation based on the git-flow :) Best regards.

  8. Michael said

    good, but i wish everything wasn't so ruby and rails focused.

  9. ssanj said

    Great stuff! Thanks! :)

  10. kiffing said

    Great video, short and to the point.

  11. Miceal Gallagher said

    Would be nice to see resolving merge requests on the feature branch.

  12. melorina_808 said

    Very specific thumbs up thank you!

  13. danielng01 said


  14. mchb said

    I was having a tough time following everything he was doing because he was moving pretty quick for a novice like myself. So, I was constantly back tracking back and pausing. I then noticed you could slow the video down to half-time. This certainly made it more my speed, however, still had to track back several times because I was laughing so hard. Maybe it's just me but I found it hysterical, so of course for kicks when I finished I had to go back and watch in double time. Good information over all, it was nice to see everything happening in the actual GitHub compared to what was used in the entry course. My only problem was of course the speed, and I realize a lot of people using these courses are probably more familiar with these processes, I'm sure there are plenty of people like myself that would appreciate a little editing with some pauses.

About This Screencast

Feature branches are one of the simplest and most efficient Git workflows and they are made even more useful by GitHub Pull Request feature, in this screencast we'll go over both in more detail.

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