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  • Gregg Pollack


  1. nnennajohn said

    Amazing talk. Very inspiring. I am gearing up to set up something like codeschool but for a different audience and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the prep I need to do. Perhaps I am overthinking it. Either way, thanks again for all the tips. I wish you more success.

  2. Kevin Lozandier said

    Really thankful of your 25 tips, Gregg. For part 2, can you tell us more about your journey creating the culture you're proud of having at Envy labs and more stories about assembling the awesome team that now works at Envy Labs?

    How was your journey to get mentors (if you had any) to help you refine your develop capabilities and being a better leader ?

  3. Kevin Lozandier said

    *capabilities of being a developer

  4. mmelegy said

    Very helpful talk. Thanks for taking the time.

  5. Giampaolo Falqui said

    Awesome, loved it. Can't wait to see the second part.

  6. pearl7 said

    Thank you for sharing your "founder" insight and the passion you bring....look forward to the next talk, Regards.

  7. Faculty

    Gregg Pollack said

    Thank you folks for all the kind feedback, I really appreciate it.

  8. Aaron Gray said

    Gregg, that was so enjoyable and appropriate for me. Your wisdom is valuable, and your story is encouraging. Thank you for being so vulnerable to share about your past failures and successes. I've had some failures in the past, and its easy for me to look at guys like you who are successful now, and to not realize how many ventures, failures, experiments, and incremental improvements it took to get to where you are. Your story is truly an inspiration to me to keep taking risks, to not be afraid after you've failed in the past, and to have the courage to move on and not get complacent when things are safe but they suck the life out of you. Thank you for all that you've done for the Rails community as well.

  9. CodeFight said

    This man is a GEM! I really enjoy your talk and JQuery course. Avishai from Israel.

  10. piercewayne said

    I loved this! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.

  11. pomerantsev said

    Thank you, Gregg. This is really inspiring.

  12. g360 said


  13. g360 said


  14. Jason Deppen said

    When I saw this was an hour, I almost didn't watch it. That would have been a huge mistake. This is one of the best videos I've watched in a while.

    I have a real estate company and I'm the sole developer, marketer, therapist, manager, etc so I know what you mean about wearing many hats; it can sure be overwhelming. Jack of all trades is definitely a struggle. You've given me a few things to consider.

    Thanks, Gregg. I'm looking forward to part 2.

  15. Chemist said

    Thanks a lot, this was great video! I learned a lot, especially about marketing and not just for web development but for my other ventures as well. Thanks! I'm looking forward to part 2.

  16. Student #372069 said

    Gregg, I find your talk honestly presented, interesting and really valuable. Thank you for producing this.

  17. Patrick Nouvion said

    Thanks for the talk, will be waiting for part 2 :)

  18. chrissamiullah88 said

    This was top shelf. So much hard-earned wisdom. A fantastic addition to the codeschool portfolio. Please be sure to make a part 2!

  19. Dmitriy said

    Very useful video, thank you for doing that. Now you have envy labs and consulting work, and your own project - codeschool. It would be interesting to learn difference between this two from founder perspective - client acquisition, team member selection, contracting vs payroll, etc

    Thank you!

  20. Jorge del Río said

    Amazing and very interesting!!! A really valuable vision that could be used for almost any kind of business!! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  21. istoselidas said

    Gregg thank you for your story, you were one of my first teachers through your videos and you have helped me to understand Rails back then (about 4 years ago). I wish you the best. I hope I'll see you again with Jason and do some new versions of rails vs xxx (you have to do one vs node.js for sure! :P).

  22. diagor said

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Faculty

    Gregg Pollack said

    Thanks for the great feedback, I'll definitely have to start working on the next part. Also ISTOSELIDAS, I'd love to do more videos with Jason, but I don't think he wants to do any with me. Feel free to reach out to him though and give him encouragement. ;-)

  24. Jim Brown said

    Really great talk and even inspiring at times - thank you for sharing.

  25. Enok Madrid said

    Hi Gregg, thank your for putting out the time to record this video talk. Man, it's very interesting to get to know the story that went behind the scenes during your journey to success. It really seems like a hard road to go through but it inspires me to know that things have worked out great for you in the long run. That gives me hope that I can be a success in my own path and that challenges may cross the way but they are there to help you grow wiser. Thank you for the tips.. Much success to your and your team. Cheers!! ~Enok

  26. Bogdan Agafonov said

    Hey Gregg that was an amazing video, and now a i have a few questions for you:

    1 How many times have you got your knees shacking through your way to build [your carreer, this awesome product, etc.], and how do you fight stress?

    2 Have you ever thought of starting a course[s] on how to apply those skills you teach (i saw treehouse's on becoming a freelancer or starting a business and such), or self-organisation (time-management maybe), or your main accent is technical skills only?

    3 Have you ever thought of creating a course for guys who finished few of your courses on how to combine all of these techniques to build a fully-engined site or you suppose people to find it out on their own? (i also watched udacity's web-developement and it was pretty useful cuz there i've found like theory basics on architecture, but the technology stack was python + google app engine)

    The roots of 2 questions above is kinda my own personal problems, because it's hard to see the whole picture and grab all the things i know and put it in one place, and it is also hard to break bad habits and develop the good ones, especially not working as a webdev for a fulltime, maybe i'm too lazy and scared, you might settle me down a bit :-)

    And of course thank you (and the whole team) for codeschool and a way you teach, i've left a treehouse after having 2 months for free here (newrelic promo action), and I found that codeschool is more like an older brother than a nunny in comparance to treehouse, their courses are much longer and for me personally too easy, i got tired watching their videos often (not me only, i guess), so please stay as you are now.

    Ah, the last and stupidest question - how old are you?

    P.S. Hello from cold Russia and sorry for misspells and errors if you see some, i've never learned English seriously and often thinking in patterns i hear/read, and also sorry for the length of the comment, I kinda got carried away a bit. :-)

  27. Mike Monaghan said

    Really enjoyed the talk. Definitely worth a sequel. You've got the Disney formula - for every laugh a tear :] Great talk, good lessons and really entertaining. Look forward more.

  28. Ryan Robinson said

    Wonderful talk! I really enjoyed learning about your story. I found code school back in 2011 or 2012 (can't really remember now) and I tried "Try Ruby" for free. I was so blown away with the "code in your browser" capability that I became a huge fan. It wasn't until I got more involved with web development and trying to expand my knowledge base that I became a paying member, but delivering those free courses (with value I would have paid for) really pulled me in. You put out a great product Gregg, thank you; and thank you for sharing your story. It was a great way to spend an hour.

  29. erkarl said

    Truly inspiring, Greg. Looking forward to part2.

  30. RAVI said

    Nice talk Gregg. I am a subscriber since Nov 2011 and truly appreciate efforts of codeschool to produce excellent content on tough topics.

  31. Alper Kucukural said

    I found the content of your talk very useful. I have been working in bioinformatics field over 10 years. I am trying to create educational content for our user in the "Medical School". Our audience is non-bioinformaticians they are experimental biologists, chemists, biochemists etc. so, they don't know coding. They don't have any background on mathematics, computer science or statistics but they want to analyze their own data. We just prepared a workshop for six weeks about RNA-Seq data analysis with basic linux, awk, R and some tools that they can use to analyze their own data. We got enormous registration numbers that we had to split the groups. Let me know, if you have any idea to work with research institutes to put more content specific to these fields. Especially for beginners. I would also suggest a couple of more tutorials like 1. basic linux/unix 2. Awk/Grep/sed 3. vi 4. Quickstart to Amazon cloud computing (They might be your sponsor too) 5. more R classes 6. LaTex etc. Thanks for the tips you provide.

  32. Robbie McClellan said

    Enjoyed the video...just started using CodeSchool and its guys and Cocdecademy has been a big help for learning programming...Thanks and I am already looking forward to the second part :)

  33. Thanh Pham said

    That was really cool and I enjoyed it. Thank you.

  34. Arthur Barros said

    Gregg i laught so hard about your SQL story, everyone have a story like that. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Dave Green said

    Wow such an inspiring talk, so many ideas now. Thanks for making this and would love to see the follow up talk.

  36. Jimmy Billard said

    Practical and to the point on each lesson. Look forward to the next one.

  37. Hristo Ganev said

    Nice talk! Thank you , Gregg!

  38. Caíque Pereira said

    Loved the video. Can't wait for the next one.

  39. Casey Jenks said

    Great video. Bring on part 2!

  40. Petar Dudas said

    Thanks for this amazing video. Can't wait for part 2!

  41. László Bácsi said

    Great talk, useful tips. Thanks.

  42. Chris Carter said

    Great Talk Gregg. Please bring part 2

  43. Gustavo Vasconcelos said

    Amazing! Make part 2. I am waiting for it.

  44. kayris said

    Great talk! Thanks for the advice.

  45. krisho007 said

    great Talk Greg.... you are brave enough to give such a wonderful insights to your journey. definitely you are not afraid of competition. :)

  46. Vilsbol said

    Looking forward to part2!

  47. Abe Petrillo said

    Would love to see a part 2! Great insight from experience, and unfortunately made a couple of the same mistakes myself already!

  48. fredyk said


  49. valencia said

    Thanks , amazing!

  50. shturm said

    I'm happy to notice there are other people who face and deal with the same issues I do. I appreciate your work so much ! Keep doing this same awesome job

  51. ncskoglund said

    Gregg, you are a genuine & gifted presenter. Thank you for sharing your experiences with so many people; I look forward to part two.

  52. Alex said

    That was an amazing talk, a serous insight into the creation of such a great service! Currently the courses at Code School are helping me through my dissertation, so I can not thank you enough for the resources! Keep up the amazing work.

  53. austinllach said

    Awesome talk man! You're doing a great job

  54. Surendra said

    great!!!!, I would like show it to one of my friend who starting to move in your way....

  55. kingjones32 said

    I liked the video and would love to see the second part........ :)

  56. Caner said

    Hey Gregg, amazing talk. Would really love to see part 2. Thanks a lot in advance..

  57. Yechiel Lebovits said

    Waiting for part 2 .. ;)

  58. Morgan Heimbeck said

    Wow! Great talk. Inspiring and well needed right now. Can't wait to find the second video.

  59. Bright Sol Tech said

    Awesome talk! Learned a lot from your experiences. Looking forward to the second video.

  60. Anna Oleksiak said

    That was great. I definitely learned way more than I expected and I'll be waiting for part 2.

  61. Walliker said

    Fantastic video with amazing relevant content. Keep creating your educational videos to e same degree of excellence you have been.

  62. Yudi Widjaja said

    Thanks for Sharing Gregg, this is really good value for codeschool audience

  63. Joon said

    This is awesome. Thank you Gregg! When is the second part coming?

  64. Wassim Metallaoui said

    It was very informative and motivational. I'm looking forward to the second half.

  65. edalorzo said

    This was a really good talk. I am looking forward to the second part. I found it really inspiring and was quite entertaining to know the origins of Gregg and Code School. And of course, the lessons were really valuable. I think I can apply a few of those in my personal and professional life. Awesome job, Gregg and guys. Keep it up!

  66. Chris Goodmacher said

    Awesome. Would love to see part 2.

  67. rubysoft said

    Hi, can you share those 25 lessons as a list. I would really like to create action items out of them Thanks

  68. thomaswalczak said

    Awesome talk, lots of practical advice

  69. imtiazahmad007 said

    Can't wait for the next one! Thank you!

  70. Novikov Andrey said

    Please add subtitles to video.

  71. GaryPang said

    Excellent talk. Gregg, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to part 2.

  72. bachis said


  73. Ryan said

    Couldn't stop watching! Thank you for sharing your story, Gregg - these are good things to hear, as someone beginning their career and hoping to start a successful business one day. My ventures so far have been good learning experiences (complete with my own partner story...), but have not yet been profitable. Looking forward to the next video!

  74. cetrix13 said

    I would like to thank you, Gregg, for the real life tips you gave me! I enjoyed this video and would be more than happy to see next part where if possible you address challenges you have to deal at codeschool, such as team a building, meeting deadlines for course reliases, production process e.t.c

  75. Daniel James McMahon said

    This was a great video and I really enjoyed watching it. I haven't been in the Rails world long enough to know about the history between Gregg and Jason; I know of Jason from his work at 5by5 and I know of Gregg from the amazing content here at Code School. I think it's tragic and sad that the two of them had a falling out, but it's eye-opening to see the lessons it's taught Gregg, and I learned a lot from this video. Thanks for opening up and talking about it, and I hope you guys can make up someday (if you haven't already). I look forward to seeing part 2!

  76. Grant Copley said

    Gregg - this video is truly inspiring! Thank you for having the courage to show your vulnerability and to discuss your failures open and honestly. I do hope you will make a part 2.

  77. Jimmy Chu said

    This is really great tips. Thank you for putting this up, and I look forward to your second part.

    All the best to your business venture also.

  78. simonpihler said

    Amazing, thank you!

  79. Kristian Diaz said

    Incredible! Thank you for sharing!

  80. EmpireState said

    Absolutely loved this talk! Gregg you're a really inspirational guy! Im from South Africa where our access to courses / training for new technologies is really limited so I am loving CodeSchool... Loving it so much my girlfriend is learning too!

    What you guys are doing is really powerful!

  81. Student #388578 said

    Great talk Gregg! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  82. Justin Blemly said

    This was great!

  83. Jerry Dilan Walters said

    This video is packed with fantastic, honest, and fresh tips. I especially appreciate how straight forward you are about describing your marketing tactics not to fellow business owners, but to your customers themselves.

  84. Julien Gantner said

    It's great to hear the story behind code school. This talk is amazing and gives you an interesting perspective on free content.

  85. Pavel Kucherbaev said

    Dear Gregg, Really great story! Thank you very much for sharing it. And I personally very appreciate when you share your "fails", things which many people do not stage much. This and some other aspects makes this really exciting and engaging. I hope to see the second part of this video. Good luck.

  86. Faculty

    Gregg Pollack said

    Thanks everyone. FYI, the second talk is up if you just click on the resources tab here.

  87. Evgeny Pavlushin said

    Hello. It was really good. Thanks a lot. By the way, when i'am try to get on the second video page - there is a very nice rocket and an 500 Error. Is it ok?

  88. Carol said

    Is it just me or is the sound for the Ruby on Rails vs Java advert not working?

  89. llammamoth said

    Thank you for a excellent talk. It was very candid and I really appreciated the honesty of it. You didn't sugar coat it at all and it's rare to hear successful people talk so candidly about their business and their mistakes. Especially when talking to your audience about how you got them to pay.

  90. lanceeng said

    Great video! I am going to re-watch this often. I'm not sure why the sound didn't work for all the Rails vs. * videos. Also, the link to part 2 gives a 404. Thanks for all you do! This is my first month as a code school subscriber, and I am really impressed.

  91. lanceeng said

    Sorry, the Part 2 link actually gives a 500 error, not 404.

  92. Faculty

    Gregg Pollack said

    Thanks for the heads up guys, I fixed the link to part 2. Also let our video guy know about the bug with the Rails vs Java video audio.. sorry about that.

    Glad you dig the video. I should be releasing part 3 in another month or so.

  93. Sam Sellars said

    I cannot seem to play the video or download it. Viddler gives a "Missing or wrong arguments" error. I could look into it with DevTools, but realized you are all capable of doing that too.

  94. Jason Barry said

    The video never plays for me either and I get a "Missing or wrong arguments" error when I try to download.

  95. Robert Smith said

    Video not working for me either..

  96. henrikse said

    "Can't play video. Media source loading has failed."

  97. Gustavo Pares said

    This is really awesome thank you for saying this story it was great, made me laugh a couple of times!

  98. seaspi said

    Thanks, Gregg, I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for creating this wonderful learning tool.

  99. Jonathan Soifer said

    I just got started in Code School and I can already tell you guys overdelivered. Keep up the good work and thanks for this screencast, It just got me inspired to do a lot of things. Thank you.

  100. cc said

    Thanks a lot. This was really great and very inspired.

  101. Will Clark said

    Thank you Gregg

  102. Chris Morse said

    Excellent video!

  103. Sumit Goel said


  104. wikimatze said

    Really great talk, some lessons you had I've made on my own. Looking forward to the next part of this series.

  105. Dan Emmons said

    Than you for sharing.

  106. barbu0 said

    Thanks a lot for the lessons :) Great video !

  107. Pagemaster said

    Great video!

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