Screencast Getting Started with Clojure - Part 1 Electives

  • Craig Andera



  1. Brett Sanders said

    Nice job Craig, clear and easy to follow. What are some real world projects that use Clojure that I might learn about? Is Clojure used on any current web apps?

  2. Student #86387 said

    Good screencaat, thanks. Resource link is wrong, right Try Clojure link is

  3. Faculty

    Olivier Lacan said

    @sbagdat We fixed the link, thanks for reporting that.

  4. Faculty

    Craig Andera said

    @beazler: there are quite a few applications that use Clojure in the real world. I've worked on a few that I can't talk about (customer confidence) but one pretty well-known one is Prismatic, which is something like 99.9% Clojure, and has some fairly serious performance requirements. There's a list of just a few of the many more at

  5. Faculty

    Craig Andera said

    Also, by "customer confidence", I meant "confidence" in the sense of "confidential", not in the sense of "confidence in Clojure". :)

  6. Shane Kilkelly said

    Great video, well done! Question: Will later videos touch on using Clojure with the Noir framework to build web apps? I'm very new to Clojure myself and would love to see a good Noir walkthrough, especially if it were a "Clojure For Rails Developers" tutorial.


  7. Faculty

    Bijan Boustani said

    Cool intro... I'm looking forward to Part 2. So I can get some closure.

    Also, "brew install leiningen" seems to work fine if you don't want to work through the manual install process.

  8. Faculty

    Craig Andera said

    @shanekilkelly: I don't have any specific plans to talk about Noir in the series, but your interest in such is noted! We certainly think that Clojure has a lot to offer Rails developers, and that they'll find lots to like in the language.

    @bijanbwb: That's a good tip!

  9. Kevin Elliott said

    Haha, those headphones were distracting. Otherwise, great screencast.

  10. Michael Holroyd said

    2min of intro for a 14min screencast. Skip to 2:00 ;)

  11. Ikenna Okpala said

    Thanks candera for this screencast.. i also found lieningen is included in homebrew as well.. so doing brew install leiningen was pretty fast.

  12. Vishal said

    Love your screencast so far buddy - great explanation

  13. Faculty

    Craig Andera said

    Prismatic ( and Room Key ( are just two I'm aware of. There are many!

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