Screencast Getting Started with Clojure - Part 3 Electives

  • Craig Andera


  1. Faculty

    Bijan Boustani said

    Another triumph. This was probably my fav screencast yet. Packing it into a .jar was nice to be able to see how a standalone product could be created after just a few short screencasts.

    This definitely inspired me to learn Clojure. I had been looking for a LISPy language to learn so I can finally get around to SICP and then implement what I learn with a modern LISP language like Clojure. This post from StackOverflow points out a few resources:

  2. Faculty

    Craig Andera said

    Glad you liked it! Good luck in your future Clojure adventures!

  3. Nate Kidwell said

    the best code school screencasts so far. please please please make more!!!

  4. Faculty

    Craig Andera said

    You're very kind - thanks!

  5. antonio said

    Very nice series. I had already studied some clojure a year ago or so, but reviewing the key concepts again with this clarity No doubt these tutorials will help me try and sell this to colleagues (and bosses) for a pilot project.

  6. Michal Valasek said

    Thanks for the great screencast! It was my first step towards the Clojure and I'm really happy I took it. Great job!

  7. Faculty

    Craig Andera said

    @Michal: glad you liked it! Good luck on your Clojure journey!

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