Screencast Groupon: Geolocation Electives

  • Gregg Pollack


  1. mitchcail said

    lovin' these videos. super helpful

  2. eNddy said

    These videos are the best! Thank you.

  3. Paz Aricha said

    Great and funny video :) @Carlos "at the bottom of the cage" :D

  4. Faculty

    Gregg Pollack said

    Thanks guys for all the great feedback, glad you liked it!

  5. Samyak Bhalerao said

    hey Gregg I can't play this video.Could you help me with that?

  6. darrenbrett said

    Good stuff, Gregg and Carlos! These videos and screencasts are SOOO helpful for really learning the process that goes into development in real-time. Keep 'em coming!

  7. Omar Khedr said

    Hey guys, thanks for doing this. Working through the video and following along with coding. On your database.yml file why do you guys have "development: <<: *default database: groupon_development" I'm not sure of that and its preventing me from generating rail models. Usually when i use pg I just do this "default: &default adapter: postgresql pool: 5 timeout: 5000

    development: adapter: postgresql database: my_database_development pool: 5 timeout: 5000

    test: adapter: postgresql database: my_database_test pool: 5 timeout: 5000

    production: adapter: postgresql database: my_database_production pool: 5 timeout: 5000"

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