Screencast Groupon: Referral Links Electives

  • Gregg Pollack
Badge student

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  1. Daniel Lips said

    Really enjoyed this one!

  2. Julien Gantner said

    Nice Episode. I'm wondering why you would use the UUID gem instead of just using SecureRandom.uuid ?

  3. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Great question, Julien! The answer is because I was not aware of SecureRandom.uuid at the time. Definitely recommend using it, over using a gem.

About This Screencast

In this episode of Feature Focus, Gregg Pollack and Carlos Souza walk you through their creation of Groupon's referral links functionality. They're joined by Aaron Bedra, senior fellow at Groupon, who provides feedback on their feature implementation.

Feature Focus is a screencast series focused on practical feature builds and development problem solving. Watch as we build out well-known site features in a simple way and then sit down with the original product developer to get feedback on our implementation.

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