Screencast Heroku Electives

  • Jay McGavren


  1. Faculty

    Bijan Boustani said

    Haha. The ending was great. Screencastinception.

  2. Kevin Collignon said

    Best ending ever lol. Great video thanks.

  3. Christopher Wavrin said

    Great video. I don't think Heroku could have put together a better tutorial.

  4. Steven Nunez said

    I think you're using the slide template for your Shell Productivity Screencast :-)

  5. Faculty

    Jay McGavren said

    @Steven - whoops! Looks like I missed a title. I'll have to see if I can submit a fix. Good catch!

  6. Mike Mckenna said

    The ending was, like, totally obvious. Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the Library. Pffft! Of course, duh! Jay's dropping hints the whole time.

    Oh, great screencast otherwise.

  7. Mike Zaloznyy said

    Great content but you are going way too fast. I had to rewind several times to understand what you are saying and to make sure I follow all the commands you are using. Please slow down on your future videos.

  8. Bharat Ruparel said

    Nice work Jay. More heroku. Advanced may be?

  9. netoben said

    haha liked the end. Great info. Well done!

  10. Paz Aricha said

    Thanks for the screencast, would love to see a second part for more advanced usage

  11. Bruno Assis said

    Great screencast! Very fluid and straight to the point. Keep up the good work :)

    P.S.: Very funny ending :D

  12. Mathias Uhl said

    Cool. :)

  13. Faculty

    Olivier Lacan said

    I've added Jay's show notes to the resources for those of you who had a hard time following through the screencast. :-)

  14. luke_ar said

    OFF-TOPIC: Hi there! Newbie-at-codeschool question: how do I record screencasts like these? (I mean, face and screen at the same time) BTW, I use Ubuntu :) TIA!

  15. Faculty

    Jay McGavren said

    @LUKE_AR: Gregg goes into great detail on the Code TV process here: . I'm afraid the tools are all Mac-centric, though; I'm not sure what's available on Linux. Find a package with the same capabilities shown in Gregg's video, and you'll be well on your way.

  16. Victor Hazbun said

    Heroku config:add (I did not know that before ) Great!!!

  17. Paul Whitmer said

    Thank you for this screencast.

  18. Jurjen said

    Thanks, great screencast! Where and how do you store ENV keys on your local machine?

  19. Faculty

    Jay McGavren said

    @jurjen Heroku likes to place them in a .env file to be loaded by Foreman:

  20. Juan Pujol said

    Awesome! Thanks young Dr. House.

    Hey! How about a screencast for migrating an old Heroku bamboo app to cedar?

    Thanks again!

  21. Karri said

    Great screencast - concise, to the point, and well paced! Feel confident and prepared to take my fledgling little app to Heroku and try it out. Thanks!

  22. Jordanna Yap said

    This was a great screencast - I learned a bunch via your side comments as well. Great pace for a tutorial. Thanks!

  23. diagor said

    Very nice screencast ! Thanks.

  24. niranjan said

    lovely end ! :-) Thanks for this nice screencast!

  25. MERABTI said

    thank's for this good screencast!! we hope asap advanced heroku

  26. Student #92316 said

    Excellent video. Heroku should link to this!

  27. tom netzband said

    This is just the tutorial I've been looking for, short and simple just showing what I need to know to get going with Heroku. And yeah that ending was awesome haha.

  28. Rob Jones said

    Thanks so much... that was awesome. I was totally confused why the 'bundle exec' command was needed for all the rails commands; Stack Overflow had a great answer

  29. evelyn02 said

    Hi, there seem to be a problem with the video, please check

  30. Jamie Finlay said

    Great video; awesome ending. Particularly liked the mini "how-to" on AWS and Heroku. Thanks Jay!

  31. Nicolas said

    soooooo... whats the update?

  32. Mamadou Toure said

    Great Job !

  33. Mike Henke said

    What is revised? This video was released 9 months ago.

  34. jacob said

    Just an FYI, Heroku does provide shell access to your application's running environment: heroku run bash.

  35. Mark Krupinski said

    We apologize for any confusion on this, there were no updates to the video.

    However, thanks to Heroku's recent sponsorship, this screencast is now available to everyone. Feel free to share with your friends.

    The Code School Team

  36. Rafael Schär said

    Strange guys... no critical things about heroku here ;-) Posts get censored. Sad.

  37. kgp said

    Just wish they increase certain limits. Heroku is well worth the money however.

  38. Riana said

    I love this screencast! It was super helpful, wish I'd found it ages ago, thanks!

  39. Hector Rios said

    Very cool. Thanks.

  40. Donovan Glover said

    Thanks for the intro to Heroku! It looks really elegant and I'm going to try deploying to Heroku soon. (:

  41. Grant Cahill said

    Great screencast! Especially loved the ending!

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