Screencast HTML5 Manifest HTML/CSS

  • Michał Belka
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  1. xjox said

    Good stuff, I wasn't familiar with html5 manifest before. But I must say, sound quality is painfully low in this screencast. I had trouble sometimes getting what the speaker said.

  2. Konstantin Gryshyn said

    I agree with the xjox, that is a good stuff, but for future, you should prepare more better. I think that author don't sure in his actions. This is only propositions.

  3. damiangromczyk said

    Good job!

  4. Bradley Flood said

    Good to know but I feel an advanced concept was delivered as though it was to 'beginners'.

  5. rk250 said

    For someone new to this topic, this was a good starter overview.

  6. Mason Louchart said

    As everyone said, good stuff. Don't be so timid and make the show ! (NB: caring the sound quality)

  7. maverick89 said

    download button does not work

  8. Pavel Korolev said

    Really bad sound, can barely get what's he's saying.

  9. antoniomatt said

    I couldn't understand what he was talking about, so despite I was very interested, I only lasted 3 minutes watching. You should work on that next time.

  10. mdulak said

    I agree with others that the sound quality could be better. But what's more important, I'm thinking if it wouldn't be better to deprecate this screen cast as the feature presented is deprecated now:

About This Screencast

In this screencast, Michał Belka takes you through the advanced HTML5 manifest feature. You'll learn exactly what manifest is, how to create a manifest file, how to combine the feature with JavaScript, and what to keep in mind while implementing an application cache.

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