Screencast Integration Testing with Capybara Ruby

  • Evan Machnic
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  1. Optimiza said

    Very nice introduction to Capybara with a very clear example. Thanks to the section of the advanced commands just want to review the complete documentation of this new version.

    What I have not seen is the Code Challenge.

    Thank you very much.

  2. CJ Gregory said

    A great from-the-ground-up view of Cabybara and its actual implementation. Great content and great presentation

  3. Americo Savinon said

    Nice Intro to Capybara. I didn't see the Code challenge, but nice screencast though.

  4. Stephen Orr said

    Yeah, the challenge was missing. But otherwise, pretty good screencast! I don't think a challenge was necessary anyway (testing is, I believe, the subject of an upcoming course)!

  5. Conrad Taylor said

    Evan, very good introduction to Capybara as well as its relationship to Cucumber. Now, I'm better informed in regards to the integration testing picture.

  6. Piotr Kaluza said

    Great stuff, didn't know about the Feature / Scenario notation. No challenge? ;) I guess integration testing is challenging enough

  7. Mike Henke said

    Is there a git repository for the code demo-ed?

  8. Inanc Gumus said

    Thanks for preparing this screencast. I'm very aware how to use it but again I've watch it for fun :)

    Also, I think you might also add: whether the records are created. I'm following this technique in my apps because sometimes there is a message that says it's created but in real it's not.

  9. gprasant said

    when I try to run bundle exec rspec path_to_file, I get an error that says NoMethodError: undefined method visit for #Rspec::Core::ExampleGroup ...

  10. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    For the "undefined method visit" error, did you make sure and add Capybara to the bundled dependencies?

  11. dscheider said

    Inanc Gumus - that is what I was wondering. I have been trying to figure out how to query the test database to make sure the object was actually created, and it's hard to find the information I need.

  12. Adam Turner said

    Okay, I have to ask... Other than the use of the cucumber graphic, why the reference to ?

About This Screencast

When it comes to Integration testing your Rails application there are a few libraries you should be familiar with. In this screencast Evan walks you through the differences between using Cucumber and RSpec w/Capybara.

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