Screencast jQuery Mobile - Part 1 JavaScript

  • Mark Kendall
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  1. Faculty

    Bijan Boustani said

    I just got started using jQuery Mobile today so this screencast series comes at a perfect time for me. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to get up and running with the data-role attributes to create a beautiful front-end. Thanks for the screencast; I'm definitely looking forward to the next ones. (As a sidenote: that's an awesome looking segue between vim and the iOS simulator.)

  2. Aron Elal said

    Incredibly useful. MUch obliged!

  3. Paul Shoemaker said

    I'll be taking a jquery mobile course in the fall, or now perhaps I won't or perhaps I'll be teaching it after taking this course and others with code school. It's not a given that developers are good teachers, in my experience the opposite is usually true.. but, here the folks who have designed his course know how to teach and understand what it's like to be new at this.

  4. Israel Bautista said

    It is true most developers suck as teachers due to their typical lack of social intelligence.

  5. Sergio Castillo Yrizales said

    I just did an entire system on jquery mobile three months ago. Really Easy to give a profesional look to a system, but it's hard to mix with backbone. By the way, my system is up and runing =) if someone want to ask something about it, It will be my pleasure to answer.

  6. Aldo said


  7. Matthew Closson said

    Mark, awesome post. Thanks for making jQuery mobile really simple to start working with. I'll check out the the next screencast.

  8. phleep said

    great topic. would be cool if you allowed downloading the source code to play with...

  9. Phillip said

    You did such a fantastic job with this screencast, thank you!

  10. Randy Downs said

    Try this page to get started with the video code is almost the same -

  11. any2xml said

    Mark, that was a nice intro. I am about to cutting my teeth in mobile programming. I was curious if JQuery could help. You answered the question. Thank you!

  12. Mike Henke said

  13. JohnStrong said

    fantastic screencast. Thanks!

  14. pagasmichael said

    Hi how can i get the same iphone simulator to yours?

  15. Rico Rodriquez Collins said

    PAGASMICHAEL the simulator is part of X-Code: /Applications/\

    Or you can use Adobe Edge Inspect

  16. Juan Jose Cortes said

    Wow. Love this screencast. Thanks!

About This Screencast

jQuery Mobile is a framework that helps you build mobile web apps that look and feel like native apps, across a variety of mobile platforms. In this first part of the series, we'll cover a quick overview of jQuery Mobile's capabilities and start building our sample app.

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