Screencast jQuery Mobile - Part 2 JavaScript

  • Mark Kendall
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  1. brownbathrobe said

    Thanks for this great intro-tutorial, Mark. I'll definitely be checking out the jQuery Mobile site/docs!

  2. Faculty

    Bijan Boustani said

    jQuery Mobile looks amazing. I think the built-in defaults and transitions give it such a polished look and feel. My only question is how does this fit into the Responsive Web Design philosophy? Is jQuery Mobile ideal for sites/apps that are going to be used solely on mobile browsers?

  3. Israel Bautista said

    Nice videos! I would love to be able to expand more into the backend functionality of this app. For example, how would you code the functionality to process the request a song form, and the buy merchandise?

  4. Matthew Closson said

    Mark, another really great demo on how to get a jQuery mobile app up and running with decent functionality very quickly. What vim configuration or plugin are you using to auto justify or adjust your closing </div> tags when you enter them?

  5. steve portock said

    Man you make it look too easy, thanks for doing this.

  6. Etdashou said

    Can you please make your code available?

  7. Alex said

    I would love a copy of your code!

  8. Mike Henke said

  9. jsander5 said

    Mark, this is a great intro to JQuery Mobile. I have found it incredibly useful and it has given me opportunity to practice my new JQuery skills in new ways. I was wondering if you might be able to show more about using JQuery Mobile for forms, specifically something like a login page for my mobile app. Just a thought for a new screencast.

  10. jmaniatis said

    Thank you for the tutorial. It would be great to have the server side included in the tut though.

  11. Juan Jose Cortes said

    Thanks!, great tutorial.

About This Screencast

jQuery Mobile is a framework that helps you build mobile web apps that look and feel like native apps, across a variety of mobile platforms. In this second part of the series, we'll build a navigation, toolbars, forms and use the jQuery Mobile grid on the application we started building in part 1.

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