Screencast JRuby on Rails Ruby

  • Jay McGavren
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  1. Rodrigo Dellacqua said

    Nice screencast Jay!

  2. Americo Savinon said

    Another good screencast. Good job.

  3. Bharat Ruparel said

    Very nice!

  4. Mike Henke said

    very cool! I tried tomcat but it seems the url paths don't work properly out of the box. http://localhost:8080/vet = ok but add /pets and error

  5. Ben Davies said

    Thanks for the screencast !

About This Screencast

After you've watched 'Intro to JRuby' this will walk you through the steps needed to run your Rails applications on JRuby. Jay shows how to configure your database, and even pack it into a war to deploy on any java server.

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