Screencast Knockout.js - Part 2 JavaScript

  • Jacob Swanner
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  1. Robbie Clarken said

    Great screencasts - inspired me to give Knockout a go.

  2. jacob said

    @robbieclarken, glad you liked it. I hope you enjoy using Knockout.

  3. borjaruby said

    I have problems w this code, loosk liek dont updates what ahve to update ...

    Show the list of all posts in /posts.json titulo

    • Titulo,

  4. borjaruby said

    dam dont let me paste it :(

  5. Robert Shaver said

    Nice intro to knockout. Thanks. Question: going back to the demo code from part 1, how would you add a separate independent counter?

    For example, I'm extrapolating on your code to try to instantiate two counters and then bind them.

    var counter_1 = new Counter(); var counter_2 = new counter(); ko.applyBindings(counter_1); ko.applyBindings(counter_2);

    But I don't understand how to create a second set of markup and how the applyBindings will differentiate between the two counters. Surly I don't need a different version of Counter for each instance.

    Thanks for a great learning experience.

  6. u+i interact said

    Nice overview there, thank you very much. You could/should change the s to

  7. Ben Davies said

    Thanks, nice screencast.

  8. roy carlos said

    excelent screencast, thank you!

  9. Petr Skocik said

    @Robert Shaver: I've peeked a little bit into the official documentation, and they say that applyBindings takes an optional second argument which restricts it to only a particular section within your html like so: ko.applyBindings(myViewModel, document.getElementById('someElementId'))

    I believe you could use this functionality to achieve you're goal of controlling multiple counters—just put them inside containers with different id's.

  10. Karl Coelho said

    "and so, that's nice" ;)

    really good screencast. had no clue about knockout.js. This helped a lot..

About This Screencast

Knockout.js makes it easier to create rich, responsive UIs with JavaScript. In this series Jacob Swanner shows you the basics of using this client-side JavaScript library to keep your code organized.

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