Screencast Let's Code JavaScript: Gather Your Tools JavaScript

  • jamesshore
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  1. Adam Flett said

    Great video! I wish I had watched this when I was starting out. Great introduction to tools used by professional developers.

  2. phouthasak said

    Is there like a page that is dedicated to this series? If so please link me to it. Great video.

  3. Faculty

    jamesshore said

  4. theleoad said


  5. buffos said

    Actually this series is a masterpiece of how to teach a workflow, by just not throwing the "correct" answers at the viewer, but taking time to go the "wrong way" and then backtrack to correct path

    The "pace" is subjective to the viewer. You might feel its "slow" when you kind of know the stuff, and "great" when new stuff keep comming.

    My personal view after starting the how to series the last few days, is that the pace should be as is in the introductory series.

    For me its the best "complete workflow Test driven tutorial" i have seen on the net hands down (the advanced section is even better :) )

  6. Juraci Vieira said

    I don't like how all the courses are always Mac-OS oriented... In my opinion it would be amazing if the course was made on a popular Linux distribution due to the following arguments: - I'ts a opensource cost-free OS - No need to deal with proprietary software (like Apple's Xcode) - Mostly of the production environments run over some Linux distribution so we developers would be more prepared to deal with this kind of environments - Linux based distributions run over a variety of hardware, Mac OS runs primarily on Apple expensive ones only

    Please take this feedback in consideration in future courses.

  7. buffos said

    @Juraci MacOS is also a unix based system. I can understand if you use a windows OS (by the way i am using windows and have 0 problems what so ever), but if you are on linux if the shell scripts are the same. There is no use of proprietary software used. He uses Webstorm, from jetbrains that has versions for all major platforms. If you watched any of the casts can you point me to anything used that is apple only software?

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