Screencast MEAN Stack: Adding New Medals JavaScript

  • Carlos Souza


  1. Citizen-1701 said

    Hmm. The video doesn't seem to be able to play on any of my computers. Can you please double-check? Thanks.

  2. Vien Pham said

    It's not just you, most likely a server issue as I am unable to play the video as well.

  3. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Thanks for the heads up! We are investigating this issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Should be working now!

  5. Citizen-1701 said

    Works now! Thanks!

  6. Netanel Draiman said

    awesome video series, thanks guys!

    i really liked Babel and Browserify, managed to get babel working for my projects using the CodeTV and some googling. any idea how would i go about converting an existing AngularJS project to use Browserify? (since in this video series all of angular logic was in 1 app.js files)

  7. konstantine33 said

    Im having the same problem right now. None of the videos are playing!

  8. Alyssa Nicoll said

    Hey Netanel!!

    There is another branch called modules now, where we split out the controllers and routes into different angular.modules and included them all inside app.js. Check it out and ping me if you have any questions!!

    OlympicsMean modules branch: (

    — Alyssa @AlyssaNicoll ( on twitter for fastest response

  9. tyrande said

    Video could not be played for now

  10. Christopher DEBOVE said

    I loved those 3 episodes. Wish there could be more =3 Hope to see a new soon!

  11. Brett Layman said

    Nice work! It's cool to see how the MEAN stack all fits together. Looking forward to more MEAN videos!

  12. Brett Layman said

    Or maybe a MERN video!

  13. TerrenceR87 said

    I've been following along, but avoiding controllerAs and ES6 in general (moving into a government position where they haven't adopted ES6 yet). I'm having a ton of trouble getting my New Medal button/ui-sref to generate a working href. I posted the question here on StackOverflow and haven't gotten any replies. If you guys could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. :) Here is my question:

  14. Hugo Jose said

    Hey Guys, I know it is just a example, I'm concerning about the connection. If it was real app, would be good practice let the connection open as you did or would be better connect and disconnect in each HTTP request.

  15. Bill said

    I was surprised that the only solution @ 13:46 was manually grabbing the URL and regexing it.

    I understand why sportsCtrl does not have access to the sport, as explained by Alyssa. However, I was wondering if this is just an Angular/ui-router quirk with how the parent/child relationships work? For example: I wonder why you can't just access the child's sportName!

    Or is this more of an app-design issue such as how the URL routing was setup? I would think not, because a URL like /sports/Weightlifting is common/standard. I would think people every where would hit this same sort of issue, often, on other apps.

    Is the best solution to this really to do a bunch of URL regexing?

  16. titus2017 said

    so nice...

  17. Filipm93 said

    In 26:25, after putting the validation for the new medal, when i send a post request with invalid data my app breaks with an error "Error: Can't set headers after they are sent to the client"

  18. Filipm93 said

    okay, i found the solution i added return in here: if(!newMedal.division || ! || !newMedal.year){ response.sendStatus(400); return; }

About This Screencast

Learn to add a form using AngularJS, submit this form to a new Express.js endpoint, and create new records on MongoDB, all in this final episode of the MEAN stack series. Watch as we add the final features and visual design to our Summer Olympics web app.

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