Screencast Metaprogramming Fundamentals: Scopes Ruby

  • Evan Machnic
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  1. Aramis said

    Very important set of information. Thanks a lot!

  2. Matt Newton said

    Hey Evan - thanks for another great screencast! I have a question about your vim configuration, however :). Could you tell us the plugin you use for the cool status bar at the bottom of your vim screen? Even better, do you have a public repo available of your vim config? Thanks!

  3. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    Hey Matt,

    I use Powerline with Tmux for the bottom of the terminal. I used to use it for Vim but moved back to vim-airline because it's a bit more user friendly.

  4. Anthony Jurado said

    wow! this is absolutely the best explanation of self I have ever seen. love your self! =)

About This Screencast

In the third episode of the Metaprogramming Fundamentals series, Evan Machnic will walk through scopes. By the end of this episode, Evan will explain how this affects the visibility of your variables.

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