Screencast MongoDB - Part 1 Database

  • Alvise Susmel
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  1. Faculty

    Alvise Susmel said

    Hi! Any questions or suggestions? For questions on MongoDB please use the discussion forum

  2. JulianCasablancas said

    Yes! When the second part? :D

  3. Faculty

    Alvise Susmel said

    within 2 weeks. There will also be a 3rd part ;)

  4. Kyle Stevenson said

    Looking forward to Part 2. =) I understand that MongoDB does not do joins, but I'm interested in learning more about how to manage relationships the MongoDB way. When you should use sub-documents or create a new collection? Also, can you link collections/documents?

  5. cruxlab said

    Awesome introduction to mongoDB. Looking pretty forward to part 2 !!!

  6. yuhui42 said

    Looks great, want to see part 2 soon.

  7. Euber Bispo said

    Great Screencast!

  8. humoud said

    You saved me a lot of time :) Thank you. I am looking forward to part 2.

  9. chetan choudhary said

    good , nice

  10. ngprnk said

    not well explained and informative but was helpful. thanks for the screencast.

  11. Faculty

    Alvise Susmel said

    Hi ngprnk, thanks for the comment. Can you please tell me more about what wasn't explained well ? Would be helpful ! Thanks

  12. Faculty

    Alvise Susmel said

    Hi guys, just want to let you know that the publishing of the second part is moved to the first part of October. If you have questions on more advanced things just open a topic in the discussion forum and I will answer as soon as I can.

  13. jordandhudgens said

    Very helpful, can't wait for the next episode!

  14. Matthew Kingery said

    I wish each part could have been explained a little bit better. It seems theres no real solid place to learn how move around in mongoDB. It may be my situation though.

  15. bertomart said

    excellent! thank you.

  16. dev4biz said

    Great introduction... really cool stuff. Thanks Alvise!

  17. aboorde said

    Enjoyed the video. Hope to see more mongoDB screencasts from you!

  18. Hans said

    You should really put this together as a course.

  19. Daniele said

    Really clear and easy to follow the explanation. You gave me a brief but clear idea about MongoDb. I think you reached your goal about this, thank you! :)

  20. alextas said

    Great stuff, this should be a course!

  21. anthonyesebag said

    hi guys, just letting you know the link for the example db data doesn't work anymore.

About This Screencast

MongoDB is an open-source, document-oriented database, and the leading NoSQL database. In this introductory screencast, Alvise Susmel walks us through what MongoDB is and is not. Learn to insert and find documents, and to import an existing database.

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