Screencast Perform Data Analysis With SQL Database

  • Jon Friskics


  1. David Gould said

    Thanks for the extra video on top of the Try SQL course. Nice easy format to understand. Looking forward to more SQL from you guys!

  2. Abhimanyu Aryan said

    This course is too small. I already have done that much in past.

  3. wangxianhui1021 said

    I am using windows, and have a hard time to install postgresql and ruby and ruby gem. It will be nice to point us a video tutorial how to do these things.

  4. Kevin Cressy said

    Good video, looking forward to so more SQL on codeschool!

  5. Kevin Lozandier said

    What's your thoughts on the best times to make most of standard/materialized views for the type of data shown in this Soup to Bits episode?

  6. tomcoder1bc said

    I can't install this on my school or work computer because admin permissions prevent installation. On my computer, port 5432 is always taken by a previous PostgreSQL service I can't remove. Installation isn't easy.

  7. RonnyCardona said

    @tomcoder1bc Take the hacking for dummies course, proxy the install files and hack into the admin server to change your user permissions. :p

  8. Bruno Genaro said

    You could use CTRL+CMD+G on your Sublime Text to select all '$' on 21:50

  9. gotw said

    Please more database courses/videos. The SQL line was great!

  10. ah2455 said

    Great content! One suggestion is to add extra bottom padding on the video, so that when users pause the video, the command line isn't blocked by the video player controls in non-fullscreen mode. I was often unable to see the terminal command when I paused the video to review it, which was frustrating. Thanks!

  11. Faculty

    Jon Friskics said

    @ah2455 Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it on to our video team.

  12. Michael Muita Mugo said

    Is there a reason for the quotes casting the date value to String when inputting Date? Why doesn't PostgreSQL just use the 2015-08-17

  13. tbaratcart said

    I really enjoyed Chari Clark in the Try SQL course. Always nice to see some new faces in these lessons.

  14. Ivan Kušaković said

    I liked this Soup to bits. Thanks

  15. bryszard said

    Great video. It puts the theory of the course into practice. Without it, it's hard to just get your own database and start working with it. Thank you!

  16. Jeffrey_Westerkamp said

    Great video! I have one question:

    at 13:47 in the video the INSERT INTO command didn't work because of the date format (m-dd-yyyy), and did after changing it into a format like (yyyy-mm-dd).

    Why did it work when importing the CSV file, which also used the date format (m-dd-yyyy)?


  17. Faculty

    Jon Friskics said

    @Jeffrey: I'm looking at the Weather CSV file and it looks like the date format there is yyyy-m-d - are you seeing something different?

  18. Jeffrey_Westerkamp said

    Yes, in the video @16:10 the CSV file had the date format i mentioned. @18:40 the csv import seemed to work like a charm. Maybe the file was edited between video shots?

    So the date format should actually be yyyy-m-d?

    Thanks for your reply!

  19. Faculty

    Jon Friskics said

    @Jeffrey: Ahh yeah, I see now (I was looking later in the video at the Weather file for my last reply). I just recreated everything locally and it does appear that using COPY FROM with CSV is smart enough to detect that 3-8-2015 as an input and store it as 2015-03-08 in the database. Not sure exactly why that's working - there must be some support for that or some environment default that's allowing it to work.

  20. Jeffrey_Westerkamp said

    That's actually really great news in my case :) Haven't had the time to see for myself yet. Thanks for checking!

  21. Guillermo Higón said

    When the student is ready, the master arrives.. Wish I would have seen those courses 2 years ago when I was trying to implement openerp-odoo in my company. Now trying to install an affordable voice picking system on my own. Spain is a hard place to find pro programmers and the bad ones are so expensive that they deserve jail. e.g. offtopic= i can buy a lean hog spread (2 future contracts in the CME) with an US broker for less than 4 bucks, in Spain you are lucky buying it for less than 40€. Death to the licensed software and their pirates! By the way, I've noticed too the autoformatting of the csv dates,pgsql is smarter than the majority of the spanish soft developers. Great video. 29$/month for these resources is a fair trade. Hope all this guys get so rich that they fulfil all their life dreams.

  22. Jacob10010 said

    I would like to follow along but I have no idea how to get to that page where you can write commands. Can you give instructions on where this is? Thank you for replying!

  23. smnaqvi89 said

    Thanks for creating this video. It's very helpful to go through the different commands and put everything into practice. Looking forward to more of these tutorials!

  24. Komal Jain said

    Thank you guys great job, never thought that SQL could be that easy. :)

  25. xenocrat said

    This may save time for Windows users (I am using 10) who don't have a lot of experience setting up a development environment.. If you are using the command line (or PowerShell) instead of the Terminal used in the video, you will probably need to add a path for your newly installed PostgreSQL.

    Start by going to Control Panels → System → Advanced System Settings [Advanced Tab} → Environmental variables.

    Highlight Path (under User variable for 'User Name'. Click Edit, and add ;C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin at the very end of the existing variable value (no spaces but starting w/a semicolon).. Note: your path to the bin (or postgresSQL verson) may be different. Click Ok (3X to exit all the dialogs). Restart Powershell or cmd. (In PowerShell Enter (after PS C:\Users\Yours>) psql -U postgres – h localhost

    The default User name (-U) is postgres, and the database (-h) is localhost. If you've changed these since install, modify accordingly.

    You should now see the prompt: postgres=#, which is where this Try SQL video starts for Mac/Linux users where everything just magically works;).

  26. brittdogg said

    Xenocrat, you are a life saver, thank you.

  27. Colin said

    Looks like you have a great working environment! some nice reds in the background! :-). Oh yeah and great course! thanks, top work.

  28. Heather said

    Instead of deleting a table to change a datatype, is there not a way to change that datatype while the table is still in existence?

  29. Baszolcs said

    The SQl courses are great, I hope there will be more later.

  30. Mientje said

    This screencast was very satisfying. After completing try sql I really did not know how I was to actually start using the languqge and you answered many of my questions. The pace was not too fast, I could follow really well. I managed to install postgresql on my windows laptop and I could follow all the code. Great info about copying data from spread sheets in and out of a db.

  31. MarWildCoder said


  32. Vladu Ionut said

    If you don't want to write the CREATE TABLE weather statement, here you go: (FYI it is in celsius and km/h) CREATE TABLE weather ( edt date, max_temperature_c integer, mean_temperature_c integer, min_temperature_c integer, max_dew_point_c integer, mean_dew_point_c integer, min_dew_point_c integer, max_humidity integer, mean_humidity integer, min_humidity integer, max_sea_level_presure float, mean_sea_level_presure float, min_sea_level_presure float, max_visibility_km integer, mean_visibility_km integer, min_visibility_km integer, max_wind_speed_kmh integer, mean_wind_speed_kmh integer, max_gust_speed_kmh integer, precipitation float, cloud_cover integer, events varchar(30), wind_dir_degrees integer );

  33. thegreencoder said

    how to clear screen in postgros

  34. Youille said

    very cool. thank you for teaching !!

  35. TRoberts98 said

    I'm using Mac and can't get this to work! After installing postgre and typing "psql" in terminal it just says "command not found".

  36. rbtaylor said

    At 18:00 on the video they use the COPY FROM command to import csv data into the spending table. I created a csv to attempt this command but I get an error stating "ERROR: could not open file for reading: Permission denied" . I did some research online to attempt to fix this but the answers appear to be varied . If anyone knows how to fix this your help would be greatly appreciated. I am currently working off of Windows 10 and am using postgres v9.6

  37. Taylor Creekbaum said

    As of earlier this year, the CSV data is no longer available from Weather Underground, just FYI

  38. rutgervanwaijenburg said

    @TRoberts98; still searching for it? couldn't get it to work as well, found this site, helped me to fix it:

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