Screencast Rails Boot Time Ruby

  • Matt Schultz
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  1. Vadim Vorotilov said

    Is it possible to make work Zeus with Guard?

    I want to restart server, when changed some config files or Gemfile. Like this gem:

  2. Sadjow Medeiros Leão said

    Nice ! Nice !

  3. Faculty

    Matt Schultz said

    Vadim, I'd look into the following gems: (supports Zeus)

  4. Tawheed Abdul-Raheem said

    You dont even need to install the script, just run this from the root of your app. (Found it on one of the comments in the gist) bundle exec ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" | sort -n -k 4

About This Screencast

Quick tips for benchmarking and improving your Rails app's boot time, including an introduction to the almighty Zeus gem.

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