Screencast Storyboard for iOS - Part 1 iOS

  • Jon Friskics
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  1. Alan Maciel said

    Great! way to go! I can't wait for the next realease!

  2. KarenLines said

    Wow, Thank you for producing this. I was wondering what it would look like actually using Xcode when I was done Trying iOS. I won't be feeling overwhelmed. Great product Code School Team!

  3. Pedro Medeiros said

    Good video. I was hopping some navigation across multi views. But I guess it's going to happen on other videos. :D

  4. cepwin said

    Thank you so much for doing's what I really needed after finishing the TryiOS course. I'd love you do continue to develop and entire iOS track.

  5. alfredo said

    When is the next release is coming ? I would love to see an example with UINavigationController and UIViewTableController.

  6. Paul Laskin said

    Very good intro to storyboarding. Thanks!

  7. Douglas said

    Good video! Really liked it.

  8. DarkGinger said

    Great intro. Good follow-up after finishing Try iOS.

  9. Zachary Samsel said

    This, combined with the Try iOS course really helps someone new to iOS development get ahead!

  10. Noleaid850 said

    This was very helpful. Thanks!

  11. netoben said

    Excellent! :)

  12. gomayonqui said

    Great, thanks! just what I needed ;)

  13. Henrik Skogmo said

    Wow, this was so much better then everything I've been told before. IBOutlet and IBAction are my best friends now, thank you!

  14. cdolan92 said

    Just wanted to add in - this was great! Much simpler than the 3 page walkthrough

  15. donmiller said

    Great video! I am a veteran at this and still learned a few tips. Thanks.

  16. prsd said

    Excellent explanation. Very easy to follow. Thanks jonfriskics

  17. Lindsay Fowler said

    Thank you :)

  18. Jerome Schmaltz said

    Great episode thank you!

  19. akjoshi87 said

    Great job! Very easy to follow.

  20. vivekjain10 said

    Great Video!!

  21. Thomas D said

    Nice Video! I like the way you explain the complicated way first and than the easy way. So I got an overview how all this really works. Thank you!

  22. Russell G Beye said

    Thanks for producing a great video! It was easy to follow along and learned some things in the process. Kudos!

  23. Lindsay Fowler said

    Great explanation of IBOutlets and IBActions. Watched it. Came back to it a month later. Downloaded it. Very helpful. Also, I really appreciate the examples shown in Xcode.

  24. Maurice said

    Thanks. Great video.

  25. Jaime Gonzlez Garca said

    That was the missing piece from the Try iOS course xD Awesome!!

  26. arkaraung said

    Really awesome. Learnt about story boards from this video very well.

  27. Greg Williams said

    Good video. Was the perfect compliment to the Try iOS course.

  28. joeldwyer1 said

    I don't know how to give you more thumbs up. You're the awesomest whale hunter ever. (Whale hunter is a term i have just coined then to represent a great IOS Developer).

  29. iwasdavid said

    Awesome job. Really easy to follow along! Thanks.

  30. jowell said

    brilliant video, thank you ;-)

  31. Jesse Riggins said

    Well done. Thank you!

  32. Abner said

    Great content!

  33. Alexander Wolfe said

    Great intro, thanks!

  34. kshitij limaye said

    Jon, Can clarify on when you opt for using a StoryBoard Vs Nib files? What are the gotchas involved if one opts to go with story board?

  35. ornerymoose said

    Really solid video. Have never done anything iOS-related before and this made perfect sense.

  36. Chan said

    What a simplistic yet helpful introduction video. Well done, and thank you.

  37. danielng01 said

    I finally started to understand how to make iOS app thank you :)

  38. danielng01 said

    I finally started to understand how to make iOS app thank you :)

About This Screencast

In this screencast, Jon Friskics provides a glimpse into iPhone app development using Storyboard in Xcode. Storyboards allow you to write less code and build the screens and the flow of your iPhone apps visually. This is the first in a series of Code TV screencasts we'll be producing on the topic.

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