Screencast Sublime Text 3 Electives

  • James Stone
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  1. chrislewisdavis said

    Great tips for sublime! If you want to get started with Foundation 5 and Sass, check out his other tutorial.

  2. Robert Fauver said

    Good show. Love emmet and didn't know about command L! Thanks!

  3. judehansen said

    cmd+shift L was a new one for me. thanks. good vid.

  4. Faculty

    James Stone said

    Thanks for watching and thanks for the awesome comments Jude, Robert and Chris. The cmd-L + cmd-shift-L is a killer combo with Emmet wrap. :) If anyone has any questions about the screencast or emmet, let me know.

  5. mexitalian said

    Thumbs up!

  6. Jason Michael Charnes said

    This rules. I've been using Sublime for a couple of years and still learned a lot.

  7. georgewebsait said

    Good stuff !! The wrapper abbreviation is awesome !!

  8. Khalid Maqsudi said

    Thanks for the great vid. appreciate you taking the time to share.

  9. cmos said

    Nice tips on emmet and sublime text. Great stuff! Could have done without the sound effect on the end of the video. Head phones in, and sounded like something was gonna crash into me from behind. LMAO! Scared the ish out of me!!!

About This Screencast

In this episode, James Stone walks us through some tips and tricks for using Sublime Text 3 efficiently. Watch these demonstrations on how to use packages and shortcut keys to set up an ideal workflow for your projects.

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