Screencast SVG Full-width Headers HTML/CSS

  • Alyssa Nicoll
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  1. Ivo Culic said

    Awesome tips, thanks, Alyssa is fun, where is the like button?

  2. Faculty

    Alyssa Nicoll said

    lol Thanks Ivo !!

  3. Nick Else said

    Awesome video, gonna give this a go! Cheers :D

  4. Dimitri van der Vliet said

    i think this technique is awesome when you combine it with javascript to calculate te em size to make it more dynamic. But i think that's only possible with a monospaced font.

  5. ProjectCarrie said

    Great breakdown of what is happening during the scaling process. I really appreciate this as a newbie.

About This Screencast

In this Code TV episode, Alyssa Nicoll will walk through SVG full-width headers and explain how to use them. If you're not familiar with SVG (scalable vector graphics), head over to our You, Me & SVG course and start learning now!

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