Screencast Upgrade a Ruby on Rails App to Rails 4.2 Ruby

  • Carlos Souza


  1. bertomart said

    Excellent guys. Thank you.

  2. nofuture said

    Love it! Lots of explanations - quality material.

  3. knightstick said

    Another great episode of Soup to Bits, keep them coming please guys!!!

  4. patrickdavey said

    Hi guys - just wanted to say thanks especially to Carlos for showing that little gem of a gem - sucker_punch. Now using it for a little carpooling for ski-fields app I run ( ... very handy as it's not a very busy app, and I didn't really want to run a background job on heroku. Anyway - thanks heaps!

  5. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Glad you've all enjoyed!

  6. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    @patrick Whoa, your app is very cool.. great idea! :D

  7. patrickdavey said

    Thanks @carlos - and thanks for the tweet too ;) It's unfortunately not used much outside of NZ (getting critical mass is hard!), but, in the NZ winter it's used quite a bit (so, when you come for a ski holiday, you might even be able to get a lift from the airport to, say, Mt. Olympus where they have a hottub at 1600m.. an excellent place to relax with a beer after a day on the slopes :)

  8. Michael Watts said

    Really good - thank you guys - I look forward to these sessions with you two.

  9. pascal huynh said

    Thank you guys ! Love it, but now we want more and more...

  10. lockstep said

    Great episode. Thank you.

  11. danielmachonestle said

    Great and very useful screencast. Thanks Carlos, thanks Gregg!

About This Screencast

In this episode, Carlos Souza and Gregg Pollack upgrade a Rails app from Rails 4.0 to Rails 4.2. We will first walk through upgrading the existing Rails API application we built in the Surviving APIs With Rails episode, which powers an Ember.js application. We will also take a look at some new features that were released along with this update.

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