Screencast Using PDO for Databases With PHP PHP

  • Hampton Paulk


  1. Stephanie Q said

    Where's the blog post? ;o;

  2. Aleksandr said

    Hi guys, Thanks for the awesome "WuB" episode. That was really informative and inspiring. Could you fix the "Overview of the repository pattern" link in the "Resources" section? Currently it's broken.

  3. Faculty

    Jon Friskics said

    @Aleksandr - thanks for the note about the broken link, just fixed it!

  4. parrotperson said

    The video says that we'll be using the UTF-8 charset "most of the time". But in the PSR-1 coding standards document that we were told elsewhere we should be referring to, it says we MUST use only UTF-8. So, are you saying that under certain circumstances we would violate the basic coding standards?

  5. parrotperson said

    Why are you using a datatype of text rather than varchar for email?

  6. Marc Droz said

    can you guys make an php oop course, the jump from beginner to this seems too fast for me

  7. Travis Huff said

    Why not send your associative array into the database write? You make a Request class and convert the array into an object before sending to the database. It works just fine as an array. Seems like an unnecessary step unless there's something I missed. Thanks!

  8. PeteDoss2000 said

    Great PHP Courses and video on PDO. I am learning PHP in the venture to replace a very old Perl front end to a MySQL Database I have been maintaining for the past 5 years. I have already learned a lot that will allow me to replace quite a bit of the existing dated code. Many thanks.

  9. ben_cook28 said

    How do you run your project locally with the .dev extension?

  10. Nicholas Piaskoski said

    @ben_cook28 I had a bit of difficulty with this as well. You need to follow the link to this blog post: that Stephanie Q posted above. Also, there is now a screencast that walks you through it: Setting Up a Local PHP 7 Development Environment With Docker & Compose. Still having issues with the .css file working and data being passed from the front end app to the mysql table, though.

  11. nblp said

    Is it possible to get the initial code?

    I try to copy it but I have an error all the time that I can't find...

  12. GhostInTheMachines said

    Looks like the Docker file for this has changed significantly since the blog directions. Is there an update to these directions somewhere?

  13. adam said

    perfect cool perfect

About This Screencast

In this episode, we will expand upon the app in the Close Encounters With PHP course and use PHP's PDO objects to talk to a MySQL database.

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