Screencast Vagrant: Part 1 Electives

  • Evan Machnic
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  1. Frey said

    Will this development box be appliable to several projects?

  2. Anthony said

    exactly what are the advantages of developing a Rails project in a Vagrant-box as opposed to just developing a Rails app on your local dev machine?

  3. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    Anthony, being able to have all of your development team using the exact same dev environment is one. Another is that you may need to somewhat replicate the production system; maybe it needs a specific Linux flavor.

  4. Evgeny Morozov said

    Very nice introduction! I hope there will be many series about Vagrant

  5. Dalton A. Mitchell said

    Cool post, Vagrant can be super useful for replicating environments on different machines. Just makes sure your cpu supports hardware virtualization AND is enabled otherwise the box will continually timeout suring ssh and never boot. I have an older server that seems to disable VT-x on reboots and I spent more time than I'd care to admit troubleshooting why my box wouldn't boot after a restart :(

  6. Anthony said

    @Evan thanks for your reply. I pretty much work on my own, so does setting up a Rails project in a Vagrant box have any benefits in this situation?

  7. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    Anthony, working alone, your biggest benefit of using Vagrant would be to have a similar box to the production one. If you don't need that, then Vagrant may be overkill.

  8. gocoolkris said

    is it possible to share the environment across different boxes ? I know it sounds like defeating the purpose for which it is used, although i want multiple applications running on my host...This way, my host OS is not affected.

  9. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    gocoolkris you may want to look into Docker for what you need as you can communicate between containers

About This Screencast

Vagrant creates and configures lightweight, reproducible, and portable work environments. In this Code TV episode, Evan Machnic shows us how to get started with Vagrant and create a new virtual machine.

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