Screencast Virtualenv and Python Environments Python

  • Sarah Holderness
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  1. justbecause said

    I have both python (python 2) and python 3 installed on my Mac. When I install venv, only python2.7 gets installed. How would I install python3.5? Thanks for this video!

  2. Faculty

    Sarah Holderness said

    You can use the command "virtualenv -p python3 venv" to use Python 3 instead. "-p" lets you specify the version of Python. I hope that helps!

  3. Denis said

    Is that one time only? I mean if I deactivate virtualenv next time I have to install all the things again?

  4. Samuel Garcia said

    No, if you deactivate the next time you wanna use just activate and everything is just like the last time.

  5. Erika said


  6. Julio Vita said

    Thank you for the insight.

About This Screencast

In this episode, Sarah Holderness will be talking about virtualenv, which is a Python package that allows you to install isolated Python directories on your computer. You'll learn how to install, create, activate, and deactivate virtualenv.

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