Screencast Write Tests for a Quiz App With Ember.js JavaScript

  • Nathaniel Bibler


  1. goldquest said

    Hey, thanks for the new Ember Course and these Soup-To-Bits Screencasts. Really helpful, since I'm currently writing my Bachelor Thesis and have chosen to use Ember.js. Just one question: Could you provide the final Code from this Screencast? I would like to have a look at how you did the testing, but don't have the time, to watch the full Screencast, or try to find good sections by skipping through it, right now.

  2. Faculty

    Nathaniel Bibler said

    @goldquest: I'm happy that they're useful for you! You're right, we neglected to push the this video's completed code. I've gone ahead and updated the repo with a new git branch: That should have everything in it. Hope that helps!

  3. George Sgouros said

    Thank you for this extremely useful video! Could you please tell us which mechanism you use for your online searches? for example I see that when you type "ember" and then the keyword you are getting results from For javascript's trim() you somehow filtered the results and got really quick to what you needed. Could you please tell me how is this accomplished? (I'm using ubuntu if that matters)

  4. Faculty

    Nathaniel Bibler said

    I mentioned it in the Try Ember course, although may have forgotten to mention it in these videos. What you're seeing is a combination of two applications: Alfred ( and Dash ( Both are OS X apps. I've got a keyboard shortcut to trigger Alfred and the workflow is setup that if I type the name of a docset, it automatically uses Dash to search/filter for documentation results.

  5. paul42 said

    great video! do you have any recommended starting guides for ember data? I'd like to build an app from the start with ember data and learn more.

  6. Faculty

    Nathaniel Bibler said

    Ember's Guides are always good about explaining the concept, usage, and reasoning about the parts of Ember. The Models guide is no exception:

    However, it doesn't offer much of a tutorial there. Rather, there is a tutorial that does include Ember Data on the site at After the first few steps, it introduces Ember Data, perhaps that would be useful.

    It's hard to really point to something, as often it's more useful to have a project in mind and try to create it. The gentle introduction to Ember 2 might be useful:

    Also, while it doesn't use Ember Data, it's interesting to see Yehuda Katz create a GitHub Issues tracker in Ember in like 20 minutes:

  7. Ruslan Sataiev said

    great soup-to-bits video with good and neat small things to keep in mind. Thank you!

  8. Oleh Sklyarenko said

    Hey Nathaniel Bibler,

    Thank you so much for taking time to explain all things Ember.js. You guys at CodeSchool are amazing at explaining new concepts. Both these videos are super helpful and are done professionally. Kudos for your hard work.

    //backend engineer

  9. Faculty

    Nathaniel Bibler said

    Thanks! I'm happy that you found the videos to be useful. :)

About This Screencast

In this episode, we will build upon the Wilderness Safety Quiz app from the Try Ember episode. Adam Rensel and Nathaniel Bibler will be adding tests and swapping out our models with Ember Data.

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