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  • Free

    Rails for Zombies Redux

    Learn Ruby on Rails, an open-source framework.

    ~ 3.5 hours
  • Rails for Zombies 2

    Experience the sequel to the infamous Rails for Zombies.

    ~ 7.0 hours
  • Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws

    Build faster and more secure web apps with Rails 4.

    ~ 5.0 hours
  • Rails 4 Patterns

    Learn helpful patterns for building complex Rails applications.

    ~ 4.5 hours
  • Surviving APIs with Rails

    Learn how to build and test web APIs with Ruby on Rails.

    ~ 6.5 hours
  • Rails Auth: Account Activation

    In the final episode of the Rails Auth series, Evan Machnic will walk through the activation process and show how to send emails with a link users can click to activate a user a...

    6 minutes
  • Rails Auth: User States

    In the fourth episode of the Rails Auth series, Evan Machnic will walk through what state machines are and why you might want to implement one. Evan will set up a state machine ...

    5 minutes
  • Rails Auth: Authentication from Scratch

    In the third episode of the Rails Auth series, Evan Machnic will walk through how to write authentication from scratch. To accomplish this, everything we need is built into the ...

    5 minutes
  • Rails Auth: Authlogic

    In the second episode of the Rails Auth series, Evan Machnic will discuss the Authlogic library. Evan will first demonstrate how to set it up within an application and then appl...

    8 minutes
  • Rails Auth: Clearance

    In the first episode of the Rails Auth series, Evan Machnic will begin demonstrating authentication in Ruby on Rails. This first episode will be spent looking into the clearance...

    5 minutes
  • Upgrade a Ruby on Rails App to Rails 4.2

    In this episode, Carlos Souza and Gregg Pollack upgrade a Rails app from Rails 4.0 to Rails 4.2. We will first walk through upgrading the existing Rails API application we built...

    about 1 hour
  • Rails Engines: Building an Engine

    In the second episode of the Rails Engines series, Evan Machnic will walk through how to create an engine, build a basic Rails application to pull in the engine, and demonstrate...

    5 minutes
  • Rails Engines: All Aboard

    In the first episode of the Rails Engines series, Evan Machnic will demonstrate what features comprise a Rails engine and how they work in the devise authentication engine.

    3 minutes
  • Web Components on Rails

    In this episode, Evan Machnic will show you how to use Web Components in a Ruby on Rails application. He will demonstrate how to get your app set up and using Web Components.

    4 minutes
  • Build a Reading List App With Ruby on Rails

    After you take the Rails for Zombies 2 course, you can watch this screencast to learn more Rails tips and tricks. Gregg Pollack and Carlos Souza build a Reading List app, simila...

    about 2 hours
  • Build a Rails Web API

    This episode, hosted by Gregg Pollack and Carlos Souza, touches on concepts taught in the Surviving APIs with Rails course and shows how to use them with real world applications...

    about 2 hours
  • Rails App Templates - Part 2

    Rails application templates make it easy to build Rails apps from a pre-determined foundation. Due to popular demand, Evan walks us through more Rails application templates for ...

    4 minutes
  • Build a Ruby on Rails App

    After you take the Rails for Zombies course, come watch this screencast where Olivier and Gregg use the skills they taught in the course to build a Rails application from scratc...

    about 1 hour
  • Rails App Templates - Part 1

    Rails application templates make it easy to build Rails apps from a pre-determined foundation. After this episode of Code TV, you probably won't want to start an app from sc...

    4 minutes
  • Nginx and Rails

    Take a look at configuring the Nginx server from our first screencast episode to work with a Ruby on Rails application.

    6 minutes
  • Rails-API - Part 2

    In this second episode of our Rails-API series, we delve into ActiveModel::Serializers and pick up right where Rails-API part 1 left off. Continue learning how to make your simp...

    5 minutes
  • Rails-API - Part 1

    With the rise of mobile applications, Angular.js and Ember.js support an increasing number of use cases where you only need Rails to serve an API and you can do away with the fr...

    6 minutes
  • Pearson: Rails Tutorial - Part 2

    In part 2 of this Rails Tutorial screencast, Michael Hartl takes us through the steps of building a full-fledged demo Rails application. Learn to set up your first models, contr...

    about 1 hour
  • Pearson: Rails Tutorial - Part 1

    In the first part of Michael Hartl's live Ruby on Rails Tutorial screencast, Michael walks you through starting and deploying your first Rails app. This is an especially gre...

    34 minutes
  • Thoughtbot: Vim for Rails Developers

    Vim is among the most popular and most powerful development tools chosen by Rails developers. In this screencast, Ben Orenstein demonstrates his favorite techniques and plugins ...

    34 minutes
  • Rails App From Scratch - Devise

    Time to add proper authentication to the Rails app we started building in the first part of this series. We'll use the popular Devise gem to get started and control access t...

    8 minutes
  • Rails Boot Time

    Quick tips for benchmarking and improving your Rails app's boot time, including an introduction to the almighty Zeus gem.

    5 minutes
  • Rails App From Scratch - Part 1

    We build an entire Rails application from scratch, showing you every single step in the process. Models, associations, nested routes, versioning, styling, validations and everyt...

    15 minutes
  • Rails 4 Queues

    Rails 4 introduces a common Queue interface, which aims to provide a standard API for working with background jobs. Rails 3.x offers different solutions for this, but each one e...

    8 minutes
  • Rails Anatomy

    Ever wonder what all those directories are for in your Rails app? In this CodeTV Screencast Gregg Pollack disects a Rails app to give you a good overview of what each file and f...

    8 minutes
  • Setting Up Rails

    So you've played through Zombies and you're ready to start developing Rails. There are a few applications you may want to get familiar with, like git and RVM. In this sc...

    5 minutes
  • JRuby on Rails

    After you've watched 'Intro to JRuby' this will walk you through the steps needed to run your Rails applications on JRuby. Jay shows how to configure your database, ...

    15 minutes