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Time travel might be possible, but we're not really sure, that's why we're hoping you'll Try Flux and let us know how it goes! While tampering with the space-time continuum is irresponsible at best, like most great things in life, we’ll assume it will either make our lives mildly more convenient or destroy all known existence in a swirling unrelenting inferno. So give it a go; what's the worst that could happen?

1,985 Interactive Coding Challenges

88 The Number Eighty-Eight

3 Videos (a trilogy)

0 Percent Chance of Working

Developer's Diary Entry #1955

We’ve Made A Huge Little Mistake

Ok, it appears we may have been a bit hasty in our public release of Try Flux. While we wouldn’t necessary label this a "failure", we can confirm that a lot of equipment is currently on fire. Not to point the finger here, but dimensional time isn't so much the cooperative type. Thanks, "Science".

The Past

The verdict is in: Long-distance time travel isn't quite ready for testing, but short-distance time travel is. Travel back to yesterday's launch of Surviving APIs with Rails! Surviving APIs with Rails!

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