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JavaScript Road Trip Part 1 Completion Badge

JavaScript Road Trip Part 1

An introduction to the very basics of the JavaScript language.

Git Real 2 Completion Badge

Git Real 2

Learn more advanced Git techniques.

Front-end Formations Completion Badge

Front-end Formations

Move past the basics and learn the latest versions of HTML & CSS

Testing with RSpec Completion Badge

Testing with RSpec

Try this trusted testing framework for Ruby applications.

Rails 4 Patterns Completion Badge

Rails 4 Patterns

Learn helpful patterns for building complex Rails applications.

Journey Into Mobile Completion Badge

Journey Into Mobile

Learn mobile-first, adaptive, and responsive web design.

CoffeeScript Completion Badge


Try the powerful little language that compiles into JavaScript.

Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws Completion Badge

Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws

Build faster and more secure web apps with Rails 4.

Try jQuery Completion Badge

Try jQuery

Learn the basic building blocks of jQuery.

Git Real Completion Badge

Git Real

Get a more advanced introduction and guide to Git.

Ruby Bits Part 2 Completion Badge

Ruby Bits Part 2

Learn the advanced bits of expert Ruby programming.

Ruby Bits Completion Badge

Ruby Bits

Learn the core bits every Ruby programmer should know.

Rails for Zombies Redux Completion Badge

Rails for Zombies Redux

Learn Ruby on Rails, an open-source framework.

Try Git Completion Badge

Try Git

Be introduced to the basic concepts of Git version control.

Rails Testing for Zombies Completion Badge

Rails Testing for Zombies

Pick up the fundamentals of testing a Rails application.

jQuery Air: Captain's Log Completion Badge

jQuery Air: Captain's Log

Introduce yourself to the most useful jQuery techniques. Soon to be discontinued.

CSS Cross-Country Completion Badge

CSS Cross-Country

Master the fundamentals and core foundations of CSS.

jQuery Air: First Flight Completion Badge

jQuery Air: First Flight

Simplify web development with the basics of jQuery.

Functional HTML5 & CSS3 Completion Badge

Functional HTML5 & CSS3

Design and build functional sites with HTML5 & CSS3.

Rails for Zombies 2 Completion Badge

Rails for Zombies 2

Experience the sequel to the infamous Rails for Zombies.

Try Ruby Completion Badge

Try Ruby

Learn the basic building blocks of Ruby, all in the browser.

Rails Best Practices Completion Badge

Rails Best Practices

Review the most useful Rails patterns and techniques.

Rails for Zombies Completion Badge

Rails for Zombies

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. Learning Rails for the first time should be fun, and Rails for Zombies allows you to get your feet wet and start learning how to build web applications.