Achievement Badges

  • Build-A-Lot

    You're getting this down. Do you speak Git fluently?

  • Builder

    You might as well set up shop and start contracting with this many projects under your belt!

  • Junior Builder

    You barely just finished your first project and we can already see you making big plans!

  • Mobile Maven

    Learning on the go — way to stay dedicated to your coding journey! Here’s a badge as portable as our videos.

  • Wordsmithery

    Wow, you really have a way with words! Your course review has earned you this fancy new badge.

  • Angular Champion

    Great job sharpening your Angular skills! You’re now ready to build your first Angular app.

  • Free Weekend

    When it comes to free stuff, everyone’s a winner — but spending your weekend learning for free makes you a double winner!

  • MEAN

    You put the “MEAN” in “MEAN coding skills.” Not only do you have MEAN stack skills — now you have this badge too!

  • Festivus for the Rest of Us

    Here’s a badge to remind you to celebrate every day like it’s Festivus — a holiday for the rest of us!

  • Don’t Call It a Comeback

    Welcome back to Code School! We missed you, so here’s a badge to say thanks for coming back to learn with us.

  • Bullseye

    Great job! You hit the coding nail on the head with a perfect score. Here’s your hard-earned badge.

  • Adept

    Outstanding! You’ve mastered the art of level-playing and completed 200 of them! You certainly deserve this badge.

  • Exemplar

    Completing 175 levels? You are the embodiment of learning success. Here’s your well-earned badge!

  • Vanguard

    Wow, completing 150 levels — you are truly at the forefront of this level-playing thing. For that, you have earned this badge!

  • Trailblazer

    Way to be a trailblazing level-player by completing 125 levels — here’s your rightfully deserved badge!

  • Apprentice

    What a first-rate, fantastic feat — finishing 15 levels! Okay, enough alliteration... Here’s your badge!

  • Voyager

    Wow — you really gave it 110% to complete 100 levels. Here’s your badge!

  • Adventurer

    Hooray! You’ve just completed 75 levels! Here’s your badge — now keep going and let’s make it an even 100.

  • Wayfarer

    The big 5-0! Great job completing 50 levels — you definitely deserve this badge.

  • Journeyperson

    If levels were years, you’d have reached a quarter of a century! Nice work. Here’s your well-deserved badge.

  • Tenderfoot

    On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 10 — you've completed 10 levels, that is. You’ve earned your badge!

  • Cadet

    Great work — you’ve just completed 6 levels and earned this badge! Now get back out there and keep learning!

  • Scout

    Woot! You’ve unlocked the power of 3 by successfully completing 3 levels. Here’s the badge you rightfully deserve.

  • Rookie

    Huzzah! You’ve finished your first level and are kicking off your learning journey in the best way possible — with this shiny new badge!

  • Website Ready

    You’re a website-making machine. Go forth and use your front-end skills to make a better web!