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In this brief video, Founder Gregg Pollack shows what makes Code School courses so unique.

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Master your Ruby skills and increase your Rails street cred by learning to build dynamic, sustainable applications for the web.

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Try Ruby


Spend some time with this powerful scripting language and learn to build lightweight applications with enhanced user interfaces.

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JavaScript Road Trip Part 1


Learn the fundamentals of design, front-end development, and crafting user experiences that are easy on the eyes.

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Front-end Foundations


Explore what it means to store and manipulate data, make decisions with your program, and leverage the power of Python.

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Try Python


Try building iOS applications for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Learn the basics of iOS development and bring your app ideas to life.

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Try Objective-C


Build a solid foundation in Git, then pair it with advanced version control skills. Learn how to collaborate on projects effectively with GitHub.

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Try Git


Take control of your application’s data layer by learning SQL, and take NoSQL for a spin if you’re feeling non-relational.

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Learn off the beaten Path and explore how these courses can enhance your overall development strategy.

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Breaking the Ice With Regular Expressions

How Code School Works


Experienced, engaging instructors take you through course material, step by step, in our high-quality video lessons.


Code directly in the browser with our course challenges, bringing to life what you learned and receiving immediate, helpful feedback and code validation.


Rack up points in the challenges and earn badges as you complete each course level, leading up to the coveted course completion badge.


Keep track of all your activity — points and badges earned, courses completed, screencasts watched, and more — with your Report Card.

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Code School has impacted over a million students from 237 countries. Read how these students learn by doing with Code School courses and screencasts.

"I had never tried to learn code before out of fear that I wasn't 'techy enough' and probably not smart enough — I was a Mathlete, but I spent most of my time making doodles with the DRAW function of my TI89. Every time I finish a Code School lesson, I feel like I prove that fear wrong. I truly appreciate you making an accessible resource."

Anne Bertucio
Anne Bertucio

"Code School has provided me the foundational knowledge I need to start planning my own web applications. I am passionate about programming, and actually started a career in Ruby on Rails development thanks to Code School. Solving problems and making lives easier with code is really exciting. Thanks for providing great material and making a real change in people’s lives!"

Matt Orahood
Matt Orahood

"Code School allowed me to leave my dead-end job of 11 years and find a great job as a front-end/UI developer. I still keep my subscription active and enjoy the variety of courses you offer. Grateful for sites like this that teach people real-world skills in a market that is highly in demand."

James Olguin
James Olguin

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