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When we kept hearing Code School users talk about how valuable Beeminder has been for staying on track with courses, we asked the Beeminder team about additional integration. It didn’t hurt that folks like Yehuda Katz and Steve Klabnik — people responsible for many of the technologies ( Rails, jQuery, Ember.js) that Code School teaches — swear by Beeminder and call themselves devoted fans. It also turns out that the Beeminder founders themselves are Code School enthusiasts and were as excited as we were to collaborate. Today we’re proud to announce a simple way to connect your Code School account with Beeminder.

Beeminder makes it easy to track and quantify your learning goals, and there’s a price for falling behind. Beeminder collects your data and graphs it, and sends you reminders by email or SMS. Along with your data, they can also plot the ideal learning path. If your data points line up with the “yellow brick road,” then you are on your way to accomplishing your goals.

Meet your goals and your Beeminder account will always be free. However, if you fall below your planned road then the graph will freeze and will require a credit card to try again. Once you’ve entered a credit card you can still avoid any payments if you stay on track. If you don’t, each time you fall behind the amount of money you get charged will increase.


You may be thinking that you can stay on track without this added incentive. Well, research shows that just 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions, and this push may be just what you need to stay on track and maximize your accomplishments.

The Beeminder founders are behavioral economics nerds with elaborate research on why this works, and they practice what they preach. They have $1,000 of their own money on the line, paid to their users, if they go off track (which they’ve done, and paid up).

It’s a snap to connect your Code School profile to Beeminder. All you have to do is set your Code School report card to “public” and then tell Beeminder your Code School username. From there, you say how many Code School points you want to commit to earning per week, and Beeminder does the rest. For reference, most challenges on Code School are worth 250 points. We recommend starting somewhere close to 4,000 points per week if you’re looking for a consistent learning pace.

You can learn more about this Code School integration here:

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