AngularJS - Part 2

  • matt

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erikthedeveloper said

Nice short, clear videos on AngularJS. Very helpful the way things were laid out. So the $resource vs. '$resource' for --minsafe. That is really necessary huh? I'm going to have to hammer that in my brain so I don't forget.

Steve said

Great screencast. Please create an Angular.js course.

teddy213 said

Great course!

Martin Pultz said

Looking forward to seeing a course on AngularJS

Andrew said

I'd prefer an Angular course over an Ember one

dylan prior said

This was great very useful, interested if anyone else had issue with ' Access-Control-Allow-Origin' working. I believe i have followed everything correctly been trying to solve for a couple of days with no success,

plasticman said

Maybe it's time for codeschool to go all-in on a full Angular course?

Mark Thompson said

@Nikita - I think that the best way is to organize your app into workstreams and use what make sense in each work stream. For example, in my work I've noticed that the best option for me is to follow my standard Java development practices and workflow to create the REST resource and then in a separate (yo) workflow, create my AngularJS app. Hope that helps nearly two months later lol

Robin van Baalen said

Please create more AngularJS videos. Very informative! Thanks.

Altug Sahin said

I can't watch, doesn't stream.

Bill Gathen said

A good whirlwind tour. I liked how the first vid focused on hand-coding, then the second showed how Yeoman can speed up the workflow. Angular is an exciting framework and I look forward to more videos or even a whole course!

nikita said

I wonder what is the best way to work with Angular in RoR project: do I need to use yo-workwlow?

aliabbas said

very informative, looking forward to seeing more.


AngularJS, the Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework, simplifies many of the challenges associated with developing single-page web applications. In part two of this series, we'll use Yeoman to build a standalone AngularJS application and continue to explore the framework.