Guard and Spork

  • matt

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nikita said

A realy helpful advice. I am new to Rails and was quite dissapointed seeing that my tests are... slow. I almost bought a new computer. That video saved $1000 for me :)

Ryan Atallah said

Very thorough approach to fully optimizing Rails testing environments.

Peter Degen-Portnoy said

Very nice presentation; chock full of information presented effectively without filler.

Padmanabhan said

Thanks was much useful to get started with Rspec and with these utilities ...It's really awesome!

antsav said

ROM8000, you can use Cygwin in windows. As well I've used spork on windows, much slower than on Mac but works.

romayne whyte said

unfortunately spork does not support windows need fork which only work for Mac and Linux

antsav said

Alarmingsword, Hartl explained techniques with spork long time ago and Matt, you are a smart guy, don't read text from the screen so obviously. in general - screencast is great, thank you! ;-)

alarmingsword said

Agreed, it is a really useful screencast. Had no idea spork existed. Thanks!

Felipe Espinoza said

it's a really useful screencast, I didn't knew spork, it's great!


jacob said

In addition to the growl gem, rb-fsevent is also OS X specific. Check out guard's README for instructions on other operating systems:


In this intermediate Rails screencast Matt teaches how to use the Guard and Spork libraries to quickly and automatically run your tests in the background as you're developing your Rails app.