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Jay McGavren said

@ddd1600 Sorry to hear about the video trouble. If the problem persists, can you log a support ticket at http://help.codeschool.com/ ? Info on the exact time and circumstances of the disruption would be especially helpful.

David Douglas said

Yall's video hosting services, I'm sorry to say, are buggy pieces of shit... :(

yngad said

Thank you Matt for this overview. Can you tell us something about performance? Is happymaker a good approach when you have big XML files (about 5MB ) and speed is important , or should one use other tools instead then? (using a XML API as model)

Nacer said

Nice stuff !


Gregg Pollack said

Hey JMC, we are using a new HTML5 player for the videos now. We'll have to investigate further. Thanks for the heads up.

John said

For some reason I have a problem bringing this page up in Chrome (dev release) on a mac. (I was able to bring it up in Firefox no problem)

Bharat Ruparel said

Very nice overview Matt. How about doing one for John's Canable Gem?


happymapper is an xml to object mapping library for Ruby which make it super simple to consume complex xml. In this video Matthew Schultz will teach you all you need to know