Intro to JRuby

  • jaymcgavren

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Chemist said

This is cool, thanks.

Alex Blakemore said

I second the request for a followup on deployment and advanced issues. In particular, a screencast about issues deploying a Rails app on a Java app server (such as JBoss) using JRuby and Warbler.

Dmytrii Nagirniak said

Good intro. It would be awesome to see deep dive into JRuby that would include the gems, compatibility issues, Ruby 1.9 syntax and deployment options (including hot deploys) etc.

Americo Savinon said

Nice Intro video to jRuby. I like the fact that is short, its clear and it motivates you to learn more about jRuby


JRuby is a fully featured Ruby Implementation which allows you to use the Java virtual machine to run your Ruby code. This screencast has all the basics to get it up and running.