Nginx Basics

  • emachnic

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Kirill Platonov said

Thanks for vagrant. It's very useful for me!


Evan Machnic said


One of the biggest differences is the architecture. Nginx is event-driven while Apache is process-driven. Nginx has one master process and multiple workers that wait to process based on events. Apache, at least in the original arch, would fork and create a new process to handle a new request. Nginx tends to be more performant with a lower memory footprint.

Alexandre said

Nice intro! MALLOWIGI asked a good question! Can you explain more about that? Is not easy to compare both but maybe you can give us a brief comparison : ) Tnks!

Mallowigi said

What makes it better than Apache? Apache has a lot of modules too...

nio said

emm,just a intro.


Evan Machnic said


Unicorn will be a part of episode two, though the internals of it aren't in the scope of the series.


Alexandre said

Looking forward to next videos. Would Unicorn be part of that series?

MrPepper said

Can't wait for this series.

Ender said

great start.

Vadim said

Thanks, a great intro, can't wait for series about the real fun with nginx


In this new series, we'll talk about Nginx basics and how to make things work with your Rails app. We'll also review some customizations so you can get the most out of Nginx on Rails.