Rails App Templates - Part 1

  • emachnic

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Evan Machnic said

Be on the lookout for episode 2 😉

Nexus7 said

For someone who knows nothing about templates I agree with the general comments above... Too much information in too short a time... I still have no idea how or why I would use a template after watching this... maybe 5 minutes is just not workable for this kind of thing?

Intersail said

Hi Evan, an interesting menu.. but now we want the wedding dinner!


Evan Machnic said

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the feedback. It's tough keeping screencasts in the five minute range while still being able to cover the information. I wanted to basically give an overview but give you the tools to go dig deeper into the subject. Will take the comments into consideration for the next video.

Alex said

I appreciate you making the video, although I felt this video confusing. It breezed through too many topics too quickly without explaining the benefits or helping me appreciate what I just saw enough.

I would love if maybe you can spend more time explaining what you're showing, why you're showing it and what I can benefit knowing this.

At any case, thank you!

Tyrel Richey said

All in all though been using rails for years and did not know application templates existed so thank you. Is there a good repository of existing templates?


Evan Machnic said

I did the usage after discussing the directory generation. Did you want to see more?

Breno da Mata said

I also would've loved some examples :/

Nola Stowe said

Would have been nice if he showed it in action before he explained how it worked. Didn't show it at the end either :(


Rails application templates make it easy to build Rails apps from a pre-determined foundation. After this episode of Code TV, you probably won't want to start an app from scratch ever again.