Ruby Tapas: Concat

  • avdi

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Zack Siri said

wow, mind blown.

Daniel Castellani said

Wow, this video was amazing. Direct to the point.

Carlos Lazo said

The benchmarking portion of the video was incredibly helpful and insightful. Point taken - will use concat over "<<" // "+=" when appropriate. Thank you, Avdi!

Evan Kline said

Slash that, just joined Ruby Tapas, thanks Avdi!

Evan Kline said

Thanks Avdi, that was great! Definitely signing up for Ruby Tapas as soon as I consider myself an "intermediate to advanced Rubyist"

Scatophage said

Fantastic! keep 'em coming!


Avdi Grimm said

"Extremely short but very informative" is exactly what I shoot for :-)

thehappycoder said

That was extremely short video but very informative :)

cpmame said

sweet... but I have to watch/pause a few times so it would be nice if there is a playback speed control. I wondering what editor the author is using. The output is automatically evaluated immediately. I think is a great feature for beginner, otherwise we have to keep swinging back and forth between irb and editor...

TJ Sherrill said

Very informative, but super fast. I am going to have to watch it a few more times. I am a Ruby newb though so it makes sense.

sirloff said

Very informative.