Testing CoffeeScript with Jasmine

  • Caike

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Nico Hartto said

Very useful, thank you!

42 Dev Team said

This was incredibly helpful and informative. I love Rspec and BDD style testing and Coffescript but didn't love existing testing options. Now I think I'm falling for Jasmine.

Optimiza said

Great introduction to Jasmine and very concise information. Thanks Caike

Michael Burkhart said

Great screencast. Can't wait to try it out myself.

Dave Green said

Great screencast, thanks for covering Jasmine. Definitely something that I will look at in my next Rails app.

Christopher Mar said

Thanks for the great screencast. It seems much easier to test our coffeescript then I thought. I'm going to start using these techniques right away.


The client-side of your application deserves some tests too. In this episode we'll look at how to use the Jasmine testing framework with CoffeeScript inside of Rails. Like RSpec, Jasmine is based on the Behavior-driven Development (BDD) philosophy and should feel very familiar if you've been through our Testing with RSpec course.