Vim and tmux

  • emachnic

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electrosphere said

Good screencast Evan, I'm learning to use the i3 tiling window manager as a way of improving my efficiency with many terminal windows open. Looks like another way is for me to use a general purpose desktop environment like Gnome3 and tmuxinator instead.

Just wonder if anyone has tried both approaches?

I already use tmux as a creen replacement when working on servers but never considered it for development.



Evan Machnic said

Hi Andy,

The theme I'm using here, that I usually use for screencasts is Tomorrow. For normal day-to-day stuff, I use Tomorrow Night Eighties.

Andy Huynh said

What shell theme are you using? It's awesome!

Alexander Lomakin said

Thanks for let me know about tmuxinator! This is very powerful thing, I believe, that can help me do large amount of routine work faster!


Evan Machnic said

Hi Petr,

I use Powerline for my status bars. There are standalone ones like vim-airline but since I'm using basically the same thing in multiple places, I went whole hog with the full Powerline.

Petr Skocik said

Hi, thank you for the great the video. I have learned something new today. I was wondering -- how did you get your tmux bar to look the way it does with the arrows, and colors, and everything? I really like that theme.

Diaa Kasem said

Well, I believe tmux is amazing, I will try to change the way I work to use it. But, So far I'm using (Ctrl+z) & fg , to quickly switch to terminal from vim. And I usually have the split pane to run tests in iTerm. ( and usually mac never sleeps, so I usually do not lose that setup )


Evan Machnic said

Chemist, I use Emacs for Org mode and GTD but for normal development I still like Vim (probably for the different modes)

James, I used to wonder why I would need a terminal multiplexer but once you start using it, there's no other way to work and be productive.

James said

I have always liked tmux but have not really adopted it as a commonly used tool. I really like redirecting the output to another window pane to treat it like an activity feed...I might just change my normal setup. Thanks!

Chemist said

Sweet, I didn't even know about tmux, looks cool. I'll try that later for sure. It reminded me of Emacs editor which I want to try as well, I wonder what would be better, vim+tmux or emacs, does that even compare? I think I'll end up trying both, might as well know everything.


We take a look at how to use Vim and tmux to supercharge your productivity. Separately, Vim and tmux are great tools; and together they make for a winning combination.