Anatomy of Backbone.js

Learn Backbone.js and start building sophisticated and structured web apps. Try out Backbone’s JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface.

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Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on Anatomy of Backbone.js

    Level 1 Free Level 1 Video | 7 Challenges

    Learn the very basic of Models and Views.

  2. Level 2 on Anatomy of Backbone.js

    Level 2 1 Video | 7 Challenges

    More on Models, such as syncing to/from the server.

  3. Level 3 on Anatomy of Backbone.js

    Level 3 1 Video | 6 Challenges

    View events, templates, and customization.

  4. Level 4 on Anatomy of Backbone.js

    Level 4 1 Video | 5 Challenges
    Models & Views

    More on how Models and Views work together with event binding.

  5. Level 5 on Anatomy of Backbone.js

    Level 5 1 Video | 7 Challenges

    Working with a set of models with Backbone Collections.

  6. Level 6 on Anatomy of Backbone.js

    Level 6 1 Video | 6 Challenges
    Collection Views

    Displaying a Collection with a Collection View.

  7. Level 7 on Anatomy of Backbone.js

    Level 7 1 Video | 7 Challenges
    Router & History

    Supporting pushState history and multiple URLs.

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Learn Backbone.js and start building sophisticated and structured web apps. Try out Backbone’s JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface.

About The Professors

Eric is a late bloomer who got his first computer in college and fell in love with programming. An auto-didactic, he found Ruby when Rails hit in 2004. But his technical eye has wandered in the recent years and after helping create the original Rails for Zombies he has taught courses on Node.js, Backbone, and iOS through Try iOS, Try Objective-C, and most recently Core iOS 7.

Gregg is passionate about taking complex topics and teaching them efficiently. He's helped build Envy Labs, Starter Studio, and Code School. He also furthers education through BarCamp in Orlando, the Orlando Ruby Users Group, and the Orlando Tech Events newsletter.

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Course Notes

  • Estimated Course Length: 6 - 8 hours
  • This course uses Backbone.js version 0.9.1.

Course Reviews (49)


I've pretty much done all the code school courses, but I've usually had at least a basic knowledge on the topic being taught in the course. Anatomy of Backbone.js was the first time I took a course cold, with no prior knowledge of how it works. I was really surprised how well I was able to grasp the subject just from code school alone. It was great, keep up the good work.


I actually started with Backbone a while a go, but this great course helped me to get my fundamentals right, and gave me more structure for my own code, which started out pretty chaotic. Thanks envylabs!


All CodeSchool courses are great but this one made me discover a wonderful Javascript library that will change my developer's life, thank you guys!


I had just been thinking that my javascript was getting messy and hard to maintain, and this course shows up to introduce me to Backbone.js . The course is in line with the level of javascript that you should know after completing the other javascript courses this site offers- jQuery Air: First Flight and Captain's Log, and CoffeeScript. The course's difficulty derives almost entirely from understanding the value-add of Backbone.js itself- you don't need to set up the server-side code or the layout html! The exercises are just handhold-y enough to keep things moving at a good clip. As is frequently the case in the Code School course offerings, my difficulty understanding concepts and applications was anticipated by the presenters, and additional explanation and external sources came quickly to help. As with all of these courses, Anatomy of Backbone.js is brief and dense with useful information. I am certain that I will be coming back to reference the material frequently once I make the plunge and start to refactor my javascript. I would recommend this course to anyone who thinks their javascript is getting smelly and has not yet been introduced to Backbone.js already.