Blasting Off with Bootstrap

Use Bootstrap's pre-built styles and functionality to help you easily add polish and useful behavior to your web application with HTML and CSS.

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Course Overview

  1. Blasting Off with Bootstrap Level 1 Badge

    Level 1 Free Level 1 Video | 7 Challenges
    Lift Off

    Get your website off the ground by adding the Bootstrap library and getting familiar with the container class.

  2. Blasting Off with Bootstrap Level 2 Badge

    Level 2 2 Videos | 11 Challenges
    Designing in Grids

    Use the grid design pattern to add structure and style to your application.

  3. Blasting Off with Bootstrap Level 3 Badge

    Level 3 1 Video | 4 Challenges

    Use Bootstrap’s custom classes and Glyphicon icons to make your site easier on the eyes.

  4. Blasting Off with Bootstrap Level 4 Badge

    Level 4 2 Videos | 14 Challenges
    Enough CSS to be Dangerous

    Make your site stand out from the rest by adding a custom navigation and a splash of colorful buttons.

  5. Blasting Off with Bootstrap Level 5 Badge

    Level 5 2 Videos | 7 Challenges
    JavaScript Components

    Use Bootstrap’s Collapse and Dropdown plugins to add needed behavior to your website.

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Use Bootstrap's pre-built styles and functionality to help you easily add polish and useful behavior to your web application with HTML and CSS.

Supplemental Learning

About The Professor

Adam came to the beta in Orlando, FL for Code School's Rails Best Practices course and they haven't been able to keep him away since. As a Java/Flex convert, Adam made a home in the Rails, Ruby and JavaScript world and has lately started exploring the wonderful land of iOS.

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Course Notes

  • Estimated Course Length: 4 - 5 hours
  • This course uses Bootstrap version 3.3.1.

Course Reviews (91)


The course is well-organized and presented. Even though I have used Bootstrap for a couple of years, I still find the course informative. I highly recommend this course.


This was a great course. It is very basic, but I learned some things about the framework that I missed in my rush to learn and implement Bootstrap in my projects.


Before I took this course I had a rather difficult time trying to read Bootstrap source code since it contains a lot of divs and classes. After taking this course, I have a much better understanding of how to use Bootstrap and what the primary classes do. With this course, I am now able to comprehend many Bootstrap classes, primarily due to the similarities between them. This course is an excellent reference for understanding the many common Bootstrap classes and how they work together.


I've been playing with Bootstrap for about a year now but never took the time to really understand the basics of how things work (always copying and pasting examples). I appreciated that instead of just showing a complete navbar this course starts with a basic list and works up the chain to get a Bootstrap-enabled and mobile friendly navigation menu explaining the CSS and JS components along the way. Such a great approach and it was a good refresher for me!